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Russia and Mongolia: Potential Economic Projects

Via New Eastern Outlook, an article on potential economic projects between Russia and Mongolia: Legally, ties between Russia and Mongolia currently stand at a level of Comprehensive and Strategic Partnership, which they did so following the signing of an indefinite treaty of friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership in 2019 by the leaders of the two […]

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China Props Up Belt-and-Road Borrowers Via Unusual Channel

Via the Wall Street Journal, a report on the People’s Bank of China use of currency-swap lines to support governments that borrowed heavily from Chinese banks via the BRI program: Hungry for foreign currency to shore up their dwindling reserves, some troubled countries have in recent years turned to an unusual source of funds: The People’s […]

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Mongolia Puts Faith In Chinese Railway To Boost Covid-Battered Economy

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Mongolia’s hopes that a Chinese railway will help boost its Covid-battered economy: Mongolia opened a new rail line to China on Friday that the landlocked country’s prime minister said would help it weather the zero-Covid controls that have disrupted cross-border trade with its powerful neighbour. “The opening of […]

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How Mongolia Is Handling Its Mining Bonanza

Via Global Asia, a look at how Mongolia’s dependence on mining has intensified in recent decades: Is Mongolia’s prosperity being built at the expense of its future stagnation? A growing number of experts believe that the country is becoming over-reliant on mining-led growth. Making matters worse, the government is only saving a measly one cent […]

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Power of Siberia 2 Will Divert Russia’s Europe-Bound gas To China

Via The Asia Times, an article on how the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline will divert Europe-bound gas to China: The construction of a second gas pipeline linking Russia and China is expected to commence within two years, a megaproject that will put Mongolia in the middle as the pipe is designed to pass through its […]

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Mongolia Looks to Fuel Russia and China by Rail

Via Foreign Policy, an article on critical rail routes that Mongolia is aiming to finish by end of 2022: After a tumultuous and contested decade of politicking around the potential security implications of expanding its freight logistics to China, Mongolia is expected to complete three critical rail lines by the end of this year. These […]

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