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How Mongolia’s Foreign Policy Can Bolster Critical Mineral Supply Chains

Via The Diplomat, a report on Mongolia’s significant opportunity to contribute to the regional and global energy transition by supplying key commodities: As governments worldwide try to reduce fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions, critical minerals and their supply chains are ever-important. Mongolia’s vast natural resources combined with the government’s push to capitalize on its […]

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Mongolia’s Cultural Diplomacy Brings New Deals With Fulham FC, BBC

Via The Diplomat, a report on Mongolia’s efforts to think outside the box in its attempts to diversify its economy, especially by promoting the tourism sector: Two new partnerships with a London-based Premier League football club and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) highlight Ulaanbaatar’s multi-pillared approach to promoting cultural diplomacy in a bid to increase economic […]

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Mongolia’s Precarious Energy Security

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report on Mongolia’s energy security, which needs to be viewed holistically, as a function of its economy, environment, and geopolitical situation: Mongolia sits in a unique position where its energy situation is deeply intertwined with both its economy, which is mostly driven by raw material exports, and its geographic location between […]

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The Promise of Nuclear Energy Brings the West to Mongolia

Via Time Magazine, a report on the potential that renewed interest in nuclear energy offers Mongolia: The Gobi Desert, once revered by Mongolian poet Dulduityn Danzanravjaa as hiding a cosmic portal to the heavenly kingdom of Shambala, was transformed in the 20th century from spiritual energy center to fossil-fuel hub. Wild rabbits and donkeys share […]

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Power of Siberia 2: Close Deal or Re-Route?

Via Asia Times, a look at the geopolitics surrounding the Power of Siberia 2 as China debates how alternate Kazakhstan gas route affects Mongolia route plan: A plan to transit Russian natural gas to China via Kazakhstan has recently triggered a hot debate among Chinese pundits over the fate of the long-discussed Power of Siberia […]

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Robert Friedland: Africa’s King of Copper

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an in-depth article on Robert Friedland, whom many consider to be Africa’s king of copper: At the head of Ivanhoe Mines, the American-Canadian tycoon has established himself as one of the key figures in the world of copper mining. He entered the continent via the DRC in the early 2000s, […]

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