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The Viability of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor

Via Geopolitical Futures, a look at the the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor, an ambitious new connectivity project will likely run aground in the Arabian Peninsula: We live in an age of interregional connections. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, after a decade and hundreds of billions of dollars in spending, has faced significant setbacks but remains […]

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BRICS’ Middle East Expansion: Towards an Interactive Regional-Global Mechanism

Via Modern Diplomacy, analysis of the BRICS’ Middle East expansion: BRICS’ expansion into the Middle East operates as a combination of regional and global dynamics. The expansion is not just a passive presence but rather an active and interactive process that impacts both regional and global contexts. BRICS has entered the Middle East with the […]

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China Shores Up BRI Deals with Middle East Cash and Partnerships

Via the South China Morning Post, an article on Chinese efforts to shore up belt-and-road deals with Middle East cash and partnerships as Western investment wanes: Beijing’s charm offensive to lure the capital from the Middle East appears to be paying off, as a Dubai-based chamber of commerce welcomes business cooperation with open arms and vows […]

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‘Fuel of the future’: Gulf States Bet on ‘Green’ Hydrogen

Via Al Monitor, a report on the Gulf states’ focus on green hydrogen: After riding a fossil-fuel boom for decades, Gulf Arab states are eyeing “green” hydrogen as they try to transition their economies and ease the climate crisis at a stroke. Oil producers Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman are investing heavily […]

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Gulf Nations Poised to Invest Billions in Pakistan as It Seeks Infusion of Foreign Currency

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how Islamabad’s powerful military has sought to ease the path for oil-rich monarchies to acquire stakes in mining and energy projects: Pakistan is negotiating with Gulf nations to bring in billions of dollars of investment, as Islamabad seeks the foreign currency it badly needs to stabilize its […]

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From Beijing to Chengdu, UAE’s ENOC Establishes First China Jet Fuel Network

Via Al Monitor, an article on expansion of UAE’s national oil company’s jet fuel network into China: Dubai’s Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) announced the first expansion of its jet fuel network in China with the establishment of 14 airports on Tuesday, demonstrating China’s growing ties with the United Arab Emirates.  The government-owned oil and gas […]

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