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Chinese Megaprojects Back In Fashion In Central Asia’s Poorest States

Via Radio Free Europe, a look at Chinese mega investments in Central Asia: For most of the last two decades, China has been the most obvious source of foreign direct investment for the countries of Central Asia. But for the two poorest countries of the region — Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — truly strategic investment from […]

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Japan Invests In Cambodia’s Goal of Becoming a Top Cashew Exporter

Via Nikkei Asia, a report on Japanese investment into Cambodia’s cashew industry: A Japanese real estate developer has helped Cambodia take a big step toward becoming the world’s top cashew exporter, a goal that might not be as distant as it appears at first glance. Mirarth Holdings, in early June, commemorated the completion of a […]

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The Philippines Needs Rice, But Young People Don’t Want To Farm It

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a report on the Philippines – where 2.4 million Filipinos work as rice farmers. But for young people, a rice farmer’s grueling and often impoverished life holds dwindling appeal: In the Philippines, people say, “Bigas ay buhay”: “Rice is life.” It’s a neutral canvas for every meal. Other foods are often […]

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Apps Aren’t a Magic Solution to Underdevelopment in Africa

Via Jacobin, commentary on how tech start-up leaders are touting digitalization as the path to prosperity in Africa, but the continent’s economy remains heavily based on exporting its unprocessed raw materials. In this context, new apps are only a way of managing poverty, not ending it. “Africa is a digital continent.” It’s a title that […]

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Philippines Courts Investors For ‘China-Free’ Nickel Supply Chain

Via The Financial Times, a report on Manila’s efforts to pitch itself as alternative for western countries seeking to diversify sources of EV battery material: The Philippines is scouting for western investment to further develop its nickel reserves, pitching itself as an alternative to the China-dominated supply chain for the critical battery metal. The country, which […]

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Global Firms Mull Placing Kenya Investments on Hold as Risks Uncertain

Via Kenyan Wall Street, an article on global firms reconsidering Kenyan investments given recent risks: As Kenya reels from protests and uncertainty, even after President Ruto’s announced his administration would be withdrawing the Finance Bill 2024, some foreign companies are considering temporarily pausing their investments in the country.  The Kenyan Wall Street spoke with several firms, […]

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