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Latin America: Set To Become A Major Oil Producer This Decade

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at Latin America’s oil production future, where Brazil and Guyana are preparing for a bonanza but declining demand threatens the rest of the region: In deep blue waters off the coast of Guyana, gargantuan ships are sucking oil from reservoirs three kilometres below the surface. These machines are transforming the […]

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How the Ukraine War Gave Venezuelan Oil an Opening

Courtesy of Geopolitical Futures, a report on how Caracas is taking advantage of a key opportunity to revive its energy sector: For years, the Venezuelan economy has been largely disconnected from Western markets. The war in Ukraine, however, initiated a sort of restructuring of the global energy market, sparking renewed interest in Venezuela’s potential as […]

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The Pipeline Reshaping Venezuela-Colombia Relations

Via Foreign Policy, an article on a new gas deal that could boost both economies, but comes with major risks for Bogotá: For almost a decade, the Antonio Ricaurte gas pipeline—a 139-mile installation that cuts across Guajira, the northernmost peninsula in South America—has sat idle, a rusting symbol of decaying relations between Colombia and Venezuela, the […]

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Two-Cent Venezuela Bonds Lure Traders Hunting Lottery-Like Score

Via Bloomberg, an article on how European and Latin America funds are taking a flyer on Venezuelan debt: It’s one of the most outlandish bets in global credit markets: Buying up defaulted bonds sold by a country under sanctions that leave US investors locked out of the market.  Yet, for traders willing to take on […]

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Venezuela Seizes Stake in Oil Venture From Firm With Russia Ties

Via Bloomberg, a report that Venezuela’s state oil company seized a minority stake in a key joint oil venture with Russia ties: Venezuela’s state oil company seized a minority stake in a key joint oil venture from GPB Global Resources, a private energy firm founded by former Gazprom PJSC officials, taking full control of the asset.  Petroleos […]

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State-Run Oil Giants Will Make or Break The Energy Transition

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on how state-run oil giants will make or break the energy transition: Climate activists love to vilify ExxonMobil and Shell. These and other private-sector energy companies have been on the receiving end of proxy battles, legal challenges and other forms of pressure to force them to dump oil and […]

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