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Top Performing Emerging Markets Through Q3 2010

Via The Global Guru, an interesting analysis of the top performing international markets thus far in 2010.  As the article notes: “…Using figures published in Britain’s Economist magazine, the top five global stock markets have returned (in U.S. dollar terms) an average of 36.62% through Sept. 22… #1 Thailand Thai stocks have been hitting multi-year […]

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Mongolia: Opening a New National Stock Exchange

Via The New York Times, a news that Mongolia is on the verge of opening a new national stock exchange: “…The Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan may have been globalization’s most ardent early supporter. But Mongolia has taken its time embracing international capital markets. Now this “mortar economy” (the country is wedged between Russia and China, […]

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The Next BRIC Thing (2)

Via The Financial Times, an interesting article on the seemingly endless competition to coin a catchy new group name for some or all of the emerging markets.  As the report notes: “…The ways of squeezing the relevant countries into acronyms have been well and truly flogged. So it’s nice to see a new approach: “The […]

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Something To AGRI On…

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a report on the joint agreement between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Hungary to construct the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector (AGRI), a liquefied natural gas transportation project ostensibly meant to alleviate Central Europe’s dependence on Russian energy supplies, but more likely a political project the involved countries are using to express displeasure with […]

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The Next BRIC Thing…

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting article on the Next 11, nations with the potential to follow the economic growth trajectory of the BRICs.  As the report notes: “…To many, civets are best known for the unusual, but essential, role they play in producing the world’s most expensive coffee. But to emerging market aficionados, […]

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Chinese Firm To Invest 3 Billion Dollars In Cambodia

Via TerraDaily, a report on additional Chinese investment in Cambodia.  As the article notes: “A Chinese firm plans to pump three billion dollars into several Cambodian projects, an official said Thursday, the latest investment in the fledgling economy from its giant neighbour. The proposed investment by China Inner Mongolia Erdos Hongjun Investment Co. — a […]

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