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In EV Revolution, Resource-Rich Global South Hopes To Turn Cash-Rich

Courtesy of Nikkei Asia, a look at Bolivia’s and Indonesia’s efforts to tell the Global North to give them a place on the EV value chain: As the U.S., Europe, China and Japan in the northern hemisphere race to put electric vehicles on roads by offering subsidies and building infrastructure, southern hemisphere nations rich in […]

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Bolivia’s Gold Presence

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a report on Bolivia’s growing impact in the global gold market: The Spanish Empire may have hoped to reach Asia when they landed on the shores of the Americas in the late fifteenth century, but they stayed upon realizing that this “new” land they had discovered was packed to the brim with […]

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Bolivia Open To EU Lithium Tie-Ups To Rev Battery Metal Output

Via Reuters, a report on Bolivia’s Arce open to EU lithium tie-ups to rev battery metal output: Bolivia is open to tie-ups with European and other global companies for lithium exploration and extraction provided they adhere to the country’s conditions, president Luis Arce said on Wednesday. “We are open to any company that wants to […]

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Gas Pains: Bolivia Running Out of Natural Gas

Via Merco Press, an article on Bolivia’s natural gas woes: Bolivian president Luis Arce, announced on September 1st. that the country’s natural gas reserves have been depleted, and exports to Argentina and Brazil will be interrupted, leaving a massive hole in the economy of the country. “We have hit rock bottom,” Arce said in a […]

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What Could a New Era Mean for Latin America?

Courtesy of McKinsey, a report on how current global challenges could usher in a new era for Latin American economies: At a glance The current global upheaval may feel unprecedented, but there have been similar periods of acute disruption in recent history, each of which gave birth to a new era with its own distinctive […]

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Argentina Steps on the Gas

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a look at Argentina’s gas future and how completion of a major pipeline is part of a shift in the region’s energy map—and its politics: For decades, Bolivia has been one of South America’s biggest natural gas exporters. The country’s abundant gas reserves began being pumped in earnest in the 1970s and […]

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