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A Crude Relationship: Russia Turns Oil Tap for North Korea Back On

Courtesy of Bloomberg, an article on Russia’s crude relationship with North Korea: Russia has resumed sending oil to sanctions-hit North Korea for the first time since 2020, deepening cooperation between the two nations that the US claims also includes sending arms from Pyongyang to help the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. A report released this week […]

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North Korea Wants To Remove Household Solar Panels, Build Community Energy Farms

Via NK News, a report that North Korea wants to remove household solar panels and build community energy farms instead: North Korean authorities want to remove solar panels from individual homes in favor of building community solar farms, according to state media, calling the proposed system “more efficient” and “better-looking” as the country deals with […]

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‘Dollarization’ of North Korean Economy, Once Vital, Now Potential Threat to Kim’s Rule

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at how North Korea’s potential plan to end use of U.S. dollars and Chinese yuan would likely just cause chaos: Before fleeing North Korea in 2014, Jeon Jae-hyun kept U.S. dollars as a store of value and used Chinese yuan to make everyday purchases at markets, restaurants, and other […]

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Will Russia Commit to North Korea Connections?

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at whether – – Russia will commit to the infrastructure links necessary to cement Moscow and Pyongyang’s growing trade, energy, and security cooperation that has arisen amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: On May 9, Russia’s annual Victory Day celebration, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised Russian President Vladimir […]

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North Korea Scrambles For China Trade

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on how – from wigs to seafood – North Korea is scrambling for Chinese trade: North Korea’s trade with China has recovered to 90% of pre-pandemic levels this year by staying under the radar of United Nations sanctions, as a walk through this border city shows. A Chinese man in […]

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China-North Korea Truck Trade May Fully Resume In 1 Month, Along With Tourism

Via South China Morning Post, a report that China-North Korea truck trade may fully resume in 1 month, along with tourism: North Korea may reopen its border with China as early as next month to fully resume truck shipments and personnel travel, according to a source briefed by officials on both sides. Two travel agencies […]

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