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North Korea Scrambles For China Trade

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on how – from wigs to seafood – North Korea is scrambling for Chinese trade: North Korea’s trade with China has recovered to 90% of pre-pandemic levels this year by staying under the radar of United Nations sanctions, as a walk through this border city shows. A Chinese man in […]

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China-North Korea Truck Trade May Fully Resume In 1 Month, Along With Tourism

Via South China Morning Post, a report that China-North Korea truck trade may fully resume in 1 month, along with tourism: North Korea may reopen its border with China as early as next month to fully resume truck shipments and personnel travel, according to a source briefed by officials on both sides. Two travel agencies […]

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North Korea’s Efforts to Monopolize Its Food Supply

Via The Diplomat, a report on North Korea’s food markets: Recently there have been reports from inside North Korea that a ban on the sale of rice and corn has been implemented in some parts of the country. News of the ban, which took effect in January, emerged as the North Korean government has moved […]

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A Chinese Businessman on Doing Business Inside North Korea

Via The Diplomat, commentary from a Chinese businessman doing business inside North Korea: The land route between Hunchun in China and Najin-Sonbong in North Korea was recently reopened after being closed for close to three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reopening has enabled Chinese business owners who built factories in Najin-Sonbong – but […]

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North Korea Wants More Control Over Farming Amid Food Shortage

Via The Diplomat, a report that – as prospects for quickly resolving its food insecurity are dim – North Korea is restricting the operation of markets and devoting much of its scarce resources to its nuclear program: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to strengthen state control over agriculture and take a spate of […]

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In North Korea, Almighty US Dollar Still Reigns Supreme

Via NK News, commentary on how repeated currency reforms have eroded trust in the DPRK won, making foreign money essential for many transactions: North Korea has long allowed an unusual degree of private trade in foreign currency for a communist bloc country, and a new study has shone a light on just how common it […]

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