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The New Tripartite Pact? China, Russia, and North Korea’s New Team Is Not Built to Last

Courtesy of Foreign Affairs, commentary on why China, Russia, and North Korea’s new alliance is not build to last: North Korea has long been a source of instability, but a new development over the past year threatens to make things even worse: the country is teaming up with Russia. At a meeting in Pyongyang last July, […]

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What’s Driving Kim Jong Un’s New Regional Development Policy?

Via The Diplomat, a look at Kim Jong Un’s new Regional Development policy which acknowledges the severe disparity in living conditions between Pyongyang and the rest of the country – and the resulting public discontent: North Korea’s leadership recently announced a new regional development policy entitled the “regional development 20×10 policy,” which refers to a plan to […]

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North Korea’s AI Progress

Via Reuters, a report on North Korea’s AI development which is raising international concerns: North Korea is developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for everything from how to respond to COVID-19 and safeguard nuclear reactors to wargaming simulations and government surveillance, according to a new study. International sanctions imposed over its nuclear weapons program may […]

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North Korea’s Model Chicken Farm Opens With Plans for More

Courtesy of 38 North, a look at North Korea’s new model chicken farm: The Kwangchon Chicken Farm is finally up and running, according to North Korean state media. The project is said to have been “personally initiated” by Kim Jong Un and is being held up as a new model for the country’s poultry production […]

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North Korea To Rebuild Industry To Address Widespread ‘Backward’ Economic Conditions

Via NK News, a report on how North Korea’s ‘empty’ economic policies created major wealth gaps, and how the nation has vowed to rebuild industry in every city and town over next 10 years to address widespread ‘backward’ conditions: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un admitted that decades of party policy has failed to bring economic […]

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North Korean Exports Hit Record High Since UN Sanctions Took Full Effect

Via The Diplomat, a look at North Korea’s exports, which overwhelmingly go to China – and rely on a single (and surprising) export category: After years of disruption from United Nations sanctions and the pandemic, North Korean exports to China surged through the first 11 months of 2023. However, North Korea’s export recovery is potentially […]

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