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There’s No Drought in Panama Canal Plans

Via the Washington Post, commentary on long-term plans for the Panama Canal: Environmental impact is an urgent issue, and, as noted in the Jan. 26 editorial, “A dry Panama Canal shows what’s ahead — everywhere,” the Panama Canal has been affected, as have other water routes, including the Rhine, Amazon and Mississippi rivers. The Panama […]

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China’s Economic Slowdown Is a Wakeup Call for Latin America

Via World Politics Review, a report on the impact that China’s economic slowdown may have upon Latin America: Over the past two decades, as China’s breakneck economic growth turned it into the engine of the global economy, Beijing became an increasingly powerful player in Latin America. It displaced the United States, long the top trading […]

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Canary In Coal Mine: Dry Panama Canal Shows How Climate Change Will Scramble Globalization

Courtesy of the Washington Post, editorial commentary on how a dry Panama Canal demonstrates how climate change will scramble globalization: Global shipping companies excited by the potential new routes that climate change and melting ice are opening up around the North Pole have gotten walloped by some unexpected bad news. The Panama Canal might be […]

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Dwindling of the Panama Canal Boosts Rival Trade Routes

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at how the dwindling of the Panama Canal boosts rival trade routes: It has been an unhappy new year in the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Houthi rebels began attacking vessels passing into the Red Sea through the Bab al-Mandab Strait in early December. Trade volumes through the Suez Canal […]

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Saving the Panama Canal Will Take Years and Cost Billions, If It’s Even Possible

Courtesy of Bloomberg, an article on how a combination of climate change and infrastructure is to blame for critical shipping delays at the Panama Canal: The vestiges of an ancient forest tell the story of just how bad things are at the drought-stricken Panama Canal. A few hundred feet from the massive ships hauling goods across […]

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Catching Rays: Latin America Purchasing Billons of Dollars of Chinese Solar Panels

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a look at Latin American’s significant investment in Chinese solar panels: In the last six years, Latin America has imported $26B — or almost twice the GDP of Nicaragua — worth of solar panels from China, the world’s leader in producing and selling them.

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