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The Green Treasure Chest Buried in Ukraine

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a slightly dated report on how war-torn Ukraine holds large deposits of critical minerals used in green technology Ukraine is sitting on a treasure chest to fuel the energy transition. Another week, another wave of depressing news from Ukraine. As Kyiv launches its counteroffensive, striking against targets such as the […]

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Lithuanian Investor To Pay Ukranian Farmers To Trap Carbon In Their Soil

Via The Next Web, a report on a Lithuanian investor who plans to pay Ukrainian farmers to trap carbon in their soil: Lithuanian climate investment firm HeavyFinance has added over 700,000 football pitches-worth of farmland in Ukraine to its soil carbon credit programme. Modern agriculture has taken its toll on soils. Centuries of plowing, cutting, […]

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How Fast Food’s Global Takeover Was Underwritten by Development Banks

Courtesy of TruthDig, a report on how – from South Africa to Ukraine – five industrial chicken companies that supply KFC have benefited from financing from the World Bank Group and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: With its unparalleled purchasing power and exacting demands, fast food has long shaped agricultural systems in the United […]

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The Final Countdown: Will Russia and Ukraine Renew Gas Transit Deal?

Via Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, analysis of the potential for Russia and Ukraine to renew its gas transit partnership: Extending the transport of Russian gas via Ukraine after 2024 would likely benefit both Russia and Ukraine. Stopping the flow of gas, on the other hand, would be painful for whichever side initiates it. At […]

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Unprecedented Plan To Use Russia’s Frozen Assets To Rebuild Ukraine

Via Axios, an article on an unprecedented plan for Russia’s frozen assets to rebuild Ukraine: Belgium’s government is shopping around an avant-garde solution to Ukraine’s money problems, now that further direct aid to the country seems all but dead in the U.S. Congress. Why it matters: The war has dragged on — this month marks two years. Ideas that […]

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Ukraine: Attracted $500M in Investment Since The Start of the War

Via Fortune’s Term Sheet, a look at efforts to promote investment in Ukraine: When Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of the Ukrainian government’s investment promotion office, UkraineInvest, arrived at the Fortune offices this week, he was coming from Washington, D.C., where more than 400 people had gathered to discuss how to do more business in Ukraine.  “I have a […]

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