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Ukraine’s Future: A Good Bet For Global Investors

Via The Washington Times, commentary on Ukraine’s investment potential: “Please come to Kyiv next week. Don’t discuss this with anyone,” Horizon Capital CEO Lenna Kozarny told me over the phone in late April. “Just get to Warsaw by next Wednesday. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is going to host the signing ceremony for the new fund.” At […]

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A New Marshall Plan? How Ukraine Will Be Rebuilt

Via Radio Free Europe, commentary on how Ukraine will be rebuilt after the war: Just weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his country’s unprovoked full invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who has proven a master of messaging, bluntly told the Kremlin it would have to “learn the words ‘reparations’ and ‘contributions.’” […]

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Zelenskyy, BlackRock CEO Fink Agree to Coordinate Ukraine investment

Via CNBC, a report that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and BlackRock CEO Fink have agreed to coordinate Ukraine investment: KEY POINTS BlackRock Financial Markets Advisory and the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy signed a memorandum of understanding in November. Zelenskyy and Fink agreed Wednesday to “focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential […]

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Investors Size Up Opportunities in Post-Conflict Ukraine

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on how the private sector could play a role in rebuilding a post-war Ukraine: Asset managers are taking tentative steps towards investing in the reconstruction of Ukraine, potentially providing essential funding to restore the country’s battered infrastructure and economy. Kyiv officials have made multiple trips to London to promote […]

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How China’s Belt and Road Diplomacy Could End The Ukraine Conflict For Good

Via South China Morning Post, commentary on how Ukraine’s integration into the ambitious rail network linking China with Europe, by providing alternative routes bypassing Russia, would be acceptable to the EU and US: A post-war scenario in Ukraine that favours both Russian and Western interests is key to a sustainable ceasefire. China could be well placed to […]

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Russia’s Resource Grab in Ukraine

Via Foreign Policy, a report on how Ukraine’s extraordinary riches in energy, minerals, and agriculture are a prize for the Kremlin: Russia’s motives for invading Ukraine vary from security fears to revisionist historical claims that a Ukrainian national identity does not exist. Energy security also looms large—in particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s determination to ensure the […]

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Focusing primarily on The New Seven Sisters - the largely state owned petroleum companies from the emerging world that have become key players in the oil & gas industry as identified by Carola Hoyos, Chief Energy Correspondent for The Financial Times - but spanning other nascent opportunities around the globe that may hold potential in the years ahead, Wildcats & Black Sheep is a place for the adventurous to contemplate & evaluate the emerging markets of tomorrow.