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How Soda, Chocolate and Chewing Gum Are Funding War in Sudan

Via the Wall Street Journal, a report on how a powerful militia and Sudan’s military both profit from trade in gum arabic, a common ingredient: Once a week, Muhamed Jaber drives down a bumpy road to the Sudanese city of El Obeid, the back of his truck heaving with bags full of amber-colored chunks of gum arabic, […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: Conflict, Crises, And Capitalism

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn of Africa: It is quite clear that there is an intense almost cut-throat competition for the Horn of Africa States region lately, involving major, middle and even regional powers. This is no longer ideological as was in the past between capitalism and communism but economic and access to […]

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The ‘Conflict Economy’ of Sesame in Ethiopia and Sudan

Via Chatham House, a new report on how the sesame sector has become entangled in local and transnational conflict, and how policymakers need to respond: The sesame trade is no longer just a mainstay of local livelihoods in Ethiopia and Sudan. Amid civil war and territorial rivalry on both sides of the border, it now […]

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Sudan War Causes Stoppages On South Sudan Oil Pipeline

Via Reuters, an article on disruptions to South Sudan’s oil pipeline: The main pipeline carrying oil from South Sudan through Sudan for export has been suffering stoppages since last month due to problems linked to the war between Sudan’s army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), according to three Sudanese officials. A March 16 letter […]

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Sudan: Ongoing Conflict Puts Farming Sector Under Immense Stress

Via The Africa Report, an article on the impact that Sudan’s ongoing conflict has had upon its farming sector: In the heart of Sudan’s conflict, the agricultural and forestry sectors find themselves entwined in a complex web of challenges, with the gum arabic and sesame industries bearing the brunt. The rival armed groups, the Rapid […]

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Dirty Money Is Destroying Sudan

Via Foreign Affairs, commentary on how Middle Eastern countries whih see especially tempting opportunities to exploit Sudan’s natural resources, access its ports along the Red Sea, use it as a base to combat the Houthis in Yemen, quash pro-democracy efforts, and strengthen the hand of Islamist or anti-Islamist groups have become a major source of […]

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