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Sudan Fighting Threatens $50B Gulf Investments

Via Middle East Monitor, an article on the impact that Sudan’s war has had upon Gulf investments in the country: The ongoing fighting between the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces threatens both Gulf food security and massive investment opportunities in the conflict area. Gulf states have invested tens of billions of dollars in […]

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UAE: Buying Access To Sudan’s Gold, Gas, and Ports Through War?

Via Planet Critical, commentary on the role that the UAE’s interest in Sudan’s gold, gas and ports is playing in the ongoing war: Not all genocides are created equally, according to the states after their neighbour’s natural resources. While the world watches in horror at the USA-backed Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people—who happen to […]

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Russia Steps Up Competition in Africa

Via Foreign Policy Research Institute, a look at Russia’s efforts to step up its presence, and competitive position (both economically and militarily), in Africa: BOTTOM LINE The Kremlin is taking up the mantle of Wagner Group after Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death, and is now moving to compete directly with the West in Africa, particularly in the […]

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How Capitalism is Destroying the Horn of Africa: Sheep and the Crises in Somalia and Sudan

Via the Review of African Political Economy, commentary on how the ongoing crisis in the Horn of Africa can be linked to a violent transnational extractive economy that links the Horn and the Gulf States. The authors note that Sudan and Somalia, two countries that have suffered sustained violence in recent years, were together supplying 90% […]

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Untapped Mining Potential in Africa Due To Political Instability: Top 4 Markets

Via The Business Year, a look at how – from the Horn of Africa to Madagascar – political instability has left enormous mining potential untapped: Africa is home to the largest reserves of known mineral resources, hosting considerable proven reserves of gold and other precious metals, rare earth elements, and phosphate, among much else. The […]

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Sudan’s Economic War Intensifies As Sanctions Widen

Via Middle East Eye, an article on Sudan’s economic war: The war in Sudan has been raging for close to six months, with the Sudanese army and its partner turned enemy, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary, fighting in arenas far beyond the battlefield. The conflict extends to supply lines, media confrontations, international relations, the cultural sphere and, most […]

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