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Mexico: Building Rail Rival To Panama Canal

Via Energy Daily, a report on Mexico’s ambitions to build a rail rival to the Panama Canal: At Mexico’s narrowest point, linking the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the government is building a railway rival to the Panama Canal with promises of economic bounty but amid fears of environmental and social harm.The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes […]

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These Five Countries Are Key Economic ‘Connectors’ in a Fragmenting World

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a look at the Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, Morocco and Indonesia are benefiting from the reshuffling of supply chains in response to US-China tensions. You may not have grown up playing with an Erector Set, but perhaps you had another building kit where, with patience and perhaps some parental assistance, you could bolt […]

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Pemex: World’s Most Indebted Oil Company

Via The Economist, a look at Pemex and why the Mexican government is propping it up: It is rare for the CEO of a company to admit to being anxious. But when, on October 9th, Octavio Romero, head of Pemex, Mexico’s national oil company, appeared before lawmakers, he came close to doing so. Mr Romero […]

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Mexico Is China’s Trojan Horse In The War For EV Dominance Against The U.S.

Via Jalopnik, a report on how BYD, JAC and Chirey are keen on becoming major players in Mexico and that puts them in the backyard of the U.S. auto market. The U.S. and China are in a power struggle right now, , and its outcome is going to reorganize the roles both countries play in global automotive production. […]

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How Mexico Learned To Stop Worrying and Love EVs

Via Rest of World, an article on how – despite its standing as a global auto manufacturing power – Mexico’s position as a hub for electric vehicles was far from given until recently: These days, carmakers such as Ford and Jetour, a Chinese brand, are either building manufacturing facilities or repurposing existing internal combustion engine […]

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Mexico’s Army-Run Airline Is Almost Ready For Takeoff

Via Quartz, a look at Mexicana, an airline that was put under military control as part of the country’s increasing tendency to place transport and infrastructure projects under armed forces’ control: The Mexican government will be ready to launch its military-run airline by the end of this year, government officials said on Thursday, reviving Mexicana de […]

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