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Steppe Up: Kazakhstan As The Crossroads Of The new Silk Road

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at how Kazakhstan – the world’s biggest landlocked country – is open for business but only half-ready for it: WHEN an authoritarian ruler builds a gigantic dark globe, he should not be surprised that people call it the “Death Star”. But whereas the Death Star from “Star Wars” was a […]

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Dreams Of A Regional Central Asian Electricity Grid

Via Times of Central Asia, an article on Tajikistan’s dreams of a renewed Central Asian energy grid:  Tajikistan, as well as Kyrgyzstan, possesses huge hydro power resources for electricity generation, but the country mainly produces electricity in summer and experiences power shortages and consequent blackouts in winter. Improved regional cooperation with neighboring countries in the […]

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Uzbekistan’s New Afghan Approach Focused On Trade, Infrastructure, and Gas

Via Times of Central Asia, a report on Uzbekistan’s changed vision for its relationship with Afghanistan: As the new leadership in Uzbekistan pursues a new policy towards its southern neighbor, Afghanistan, which is focused on trade and economic cooperation, infrastructure and a gas-pipeline project, we are republishing this article by Fozil Mashrab, originally published by The […]

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Sri Lanka: Jewel Of The Indian Ocean

Via Frontera News, a look at Sri Lanka: This sun kissed island just below India is a minnow compared to its giant northern neighbours, but its emergence from civil war and political crisis has put it on the map for brave investors. The Sri Lankan Economy While the Sri Lankan economy has seen decent GDP […]

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Fear And Loathing On The Afghan Silk Road

Via the Asia Times, an interesting look at Afghanistan’s position in the New Silk Road: Will the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) ever manage to cross the Hindu Kush? Temerity is the name of the game. Even though strategically located astride the Ancient Silk Road, and virtually contiguous to the US$50 […]

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OBOR: Can Beijing Untie The Pamir Knot?

Via The Diplomat, an interesting look at China’s potential to unite the Pamir know via its OBOR initiative: Towering above the arid steppes of Central Asia is the rooftop of the world, the Pamir Knot, where Earth’s most striking mountain ranges – the Himalayas, Tian Shan, Karakorum, Kunlun, and Hindu Kush – converge, forming a […]

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