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India, Iran: Cooperating On Central Asia

Via the National Interest, some commentary on  how – from security to energy – the two rising powers of India and Iran have many interests in common: Iran and India have long had historical, cultural, and commercial ties. Tracing back a millennium, both countries have framed their shared roots as a “civilizational relationship.” Over the […]

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African Economies To Watch In 2017

Via Quartz, a look at some African economies who may outperform in 2017: With the consequences of Brexit and an increasingly inward-looking United States still unfolding, 2017 is likely to be an economically tumultuous year. Some African countries, however, could see sustainable growth beyond the usual narrative of Africa alternatively “rising” and “reeling.” “The countries that will be successful in 2017—whatever […]

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Myanmar’s Stock Exchange

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an interesting look at Myanmar’s nascent stock exchange: At the Yangon Stock Exchange, or YSX as it’s known, a cable television crew turns up every day to provide a rundown of the day’s trading. On a recent Thursday, their report was, as usual, brief. The MYANPIX index closed unchanged—for the second day […]

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Failed States And How To Rebuild Them

Via The Economist, a look at failed states and how to rebuild them: IN THE middle of 2016 a suicide-bomber blew up a minibus full of judicial staff in Kabul. The injured were rushed to the Emergency Hospital in the Afghan capital. One was married to a nurse there, who was on duty when he […]

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Pakistan: Misguided Obsession With Infrastructure?

Via The Economist, an article on how Pakistan’s government is building more airports, roads and railways, even though the existing ones are underused: NEARLY 20 years after it opened, Pakistan’s first motorway still has a desolate feel. There is scant traffic along the 375km link between Islamabad and Lahore (pictured). Motorists can drive for miles without […]

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How Myanmar Created A Telco Boom

Via Emerging Markets Investor Association (EMIA), a review of Myanmar’s mobile telephony market: Myanmar’s opening represents the dismantling of one of the world’s last pariah states. Over the past several years, the government has made concerted efforts to reintegrate the nation of some 54 million into the global community. The most poignant symbol of this […]

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