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Angola & Nigeria: State-Led Petroleum Sector Development

Via Phenomenal World, a report on state-led petroleum sector development in Angola and Nigeria: Oil and gas producers in Africa, like developing countries across the globe, face a particular problem in pursuing state-led development. The resource curse, and specifically the phenomenon of “Dutch disease,” in which an exporting industry brings in foreign capital and causes the […]

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Is The Dragon Out-Maneuvering The Tiger In Africa?

Courtesy of Africa-Asia Confidential, a detailed look at China’s and India’s strategic business initiatives in Africa.  As the article notes, China’s state companies have been advancing several billion-dollar petroleum and bank deals while India’s plans may be on hold: “…The Lagos State government, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation […]

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Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Dry Hole

Via The Associated Press, news that Nigeria’s state-run oil company is “insolvent” and needs $6.6 billion to cover its debts and fund future oil exploration in the West African nation.  As the report notes: “State Finance Minister Remi Babalola said that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. asked for the funding after acknowledging its costs far […]

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Reorganizing The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Via Energy Daily, a report on the evolving reorganization of Nigeria’s national oil company.  As the article notes: “…Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua has replaced six of the top officers at the country’s state-run petroleum company in an effort to prepare the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. for proposed reforms to the sector.”The ongoing changes are in […]

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The Nigerian Petroleum Co. – Nigeria’s Aramco?

News from the Energy Daily that Nigeria will replace the Nigerian National Petroleum Co. with the Nigerian Petroleum Co., which analysts say will function more like a state-owned oil firm modeled after Saudi Arabia’s Aramco rather than a government agency. “….Nigeria’s energy minister, who only assumed his new post six weeks ago, said foreign oil […]

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