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Ras Ghamila: Is Egypt About To Sell a Prime Red Sea Area To Saudi Arabia?

Via Middle East Eye, a look at how – after a $35bn deal with the UAE to develop Ras el-Hekma – Cairo seems close to agreeing a $15bn project with Riyadh to develop Ras Ghamila: Saudi Arabia is close to securing a $15bn deal with the Egyptian government to develop Ras Ghamila, a prime Red Sea tourist destination, […]

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The Silent Erosion of Afghanistan’s Urban Middle Class

Via The Diplomat, a report on how – while the focus on Afghanistan tends to revolve around geopolitical tensions and security concerns – the slow erosion of the urban middle class is sending the country decades backward: In the wake of the Taliban’s rise to power, a critical aspect of Afghanistan’s socioeconomic landscape has been […]

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US-Led Partnership To Develop Atlantic Coast Takes Root in Africa

Via The Africa Report, a look at a US-led partnership to develop the Atlantic coast taking root in Africa: A US initiative launched by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to build closer North-South ties between Atlantic littoral nations is starting to take root in Africa. African states account for almost exactly half of the 38 […]

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Suriname: Selling Its Gold and Timber – at the Cost of Tribal Land Rights

Via The Guardian, commentary on how Suriname’s claim to fame as the most forested in the world already been fatally undermined by increased logging and mining: “Welcome to Suriname – the most forested country in the world!” reads a billboard above the entrance of Suriname’s international airport terminal. Numerous signs remind travellers that more than 90% of […]

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Disney, Reliance To Ink Binding India Media Merger Pact

Courtesy of Bloomberg, an article on Disney and Reliance’s decision to merge their media interests in India: Ambani unit, affiliates to hold at least 61% of the new entity Announcement on the deal, details expected in next few days Walt Disney Co. and Reliance Industries Ltd. have signed a binding pact to merge their media operations in India, […]

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In EV Revolution, Resource-Rich Global South Hopes To Turn Cash-Rich

Courtesy of Nikkei Asia, a look at Bolivia’s and Indonesia’s efforts to tell the Global North to give them a place on the EV value chain: As the U.S., Europe, China and Japan in the northern hemisphere race to put electric vehicles on roads by offering subsidies and building infrastructure, southern hemisphere nations rich in […]

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