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Tanzania: Inflation And Capital Flight Hobble Economy

Via Geopolitical Monitor, analysis of Tanzania’s economic challenges: Tanzania is facing a fuel crisis, and the world seems to be overlooking it.  The fuel price has now gone up by 17%within a short amount of time.  Although the Tanzanian government has announced a cap on the cost of the oil, the initial shock has still led to a […]

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Indonesia Signs Deals With Several African Countries

Via Stratfor’s Rane Worldview, a report on recent deals between Indonesia and several African nations: What Happened: Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo wrapped a weeklong Africa tour during which he signed vaccine export and energy deals with Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, Nikkei Asia reported on Aug. 24. Indonesia will also develop palm oil plantations in Kenya. […]

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Race to Control Electric-Vehicle Supply Chains Leads to Africa

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a look at how – to bypass China – Western companies are investing in facilities to process battery metals in countries such as Tanzania, Mauritius and South Africa: Pressure to create supply chains for electric-vehicle batteries that bypass China is prompting Western miners to do something they have long […]

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Tanzania’s Gas Boom That Never Was

Via The Conversation, commentary on Tanzania’s gas boom that never was – when local hopes are dashed by global realities: Rising international commodity prices can shape or reshape the fortunes of places. When large mining and oil and gas prospectors suddenly show an interest, a remote area can become a resource frontier – a place that’s far from the […]

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East Africa: Leveraging Natural Proximity to India, China, and the Gulf

The recently released report by McKinsey & Company on reimagining economic growth in Africa offers a wealth of valuable insights and analyses. However, one aspect that I believe received insufficient attention in the report is the positioning and integration of different clusters of countries, particularly in relation to their global market geography. One striking observation […]

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How the West Can Forestall Green OPECs

Courtesy of Semafor, commentary on how the West could head off the creation of new OPEC-like producer cartels for critical resources such as lithium by inviting mineral-rich Latin American and African nations to join the existing Minerals Security Partnership (MSP): Western countries should head off the creation of new OPEC-like producer cartels for critical resources […]

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