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China and Equatorial Guinea: Why Their New ‘Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’ Matters

Courtesy of The Diplomat, an article on China and Equatorial Guinea’s new ‘Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’: If you were to do a quiz on “Africa,” Equatorial Guinea is likely to come up due to its fairly distinctive features. It’s the only country on the continent where Spanish is an official language and is one of Africa’s […]

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Equatorial Guinea: Window Into China / U.S. Competition in Africa

Via Foreign Policy Research Insitute, a look at Equatorial Guinea’s role as a “window” into competition between China and the U.S. in Africa: BOTTOM LINE Equatorial Guinea, one of the smallest countries in Africa, is fragmented and at the epicenter of the US-China competition in Africa. Its story provides insights in dealing with developing countries […]

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Africa’s Oldest Oil-Rich Dictatorship Has a Succession Problem

The long-term stability of Equatorial Guinea is at risk as its oil production drops and Vice President Teodorin Obiang, heir apparent to the presidency, continues to show “erratic behavior” and make “arbitrary decisions.” Bloomberg reports on the case of two South African oil workers jailed in the central African country for drug smuggling as the […]

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Equatorial Guinea: Major LNG Hotspot in West Africa

Via Energy, Capital & Power, a report on Equatorial Guinea’s LNG ambitions: As a mature producer, Equatorial Guinea is prioritizing near-field, infrastructure-led exploration to yield new discoveries and bring additional resources into production. Trident Energy launched a three-well infill drilling campaign on Block G at the start of this year utilizing the Island Innovator rig, with all three wells […]

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U.S.-China Tensions Have a New Front: West Africa

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on the competition between the U.S. and China to secure relationships in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea: In August, Ali Bongo, then-president of the Central African nation of Gabon, made a startling revelation to a top White House aide: During a meeting at his presidential palace, Bongo admitted he […]

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Beijing Is Going Places: Expanding Trade and Building Naval Bases

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a report on potential locations for China’s next overseas base, locations which often also mirror commercial interests: China famously built its first overseas base, a launchpad for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), in Djibouti in 2017. Where will it build the next one? To answer that question, the authors drew […]

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