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Unwavering Allies: The China-Syria Strategic Partnership

Via Eurasia Review, a look at the China-Syria strategic partnership: Although not over yet, the year 2023 will go down in world history as an important year marked by wars in Ukraine, the Holy Land and Nagorno-Karabakh, the rise of anti-colonialist movements in Africa 2.0, major weather disasters and political instability. When looking at influential […]

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Iranian, Syrian Oil Ministers Emphasize Bilateral Energy Cooperation

Via Tasnim News, an article on recent moves between Iran and Syria to cooperate on energy: Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji and his Syrian counterpart Firas Hassan Kaddour underscored the importance of enhancing bilateral cooperation in the energy sector. The two ministers met on the sidelines of the 6th Russian Energy Week International Forum in […]

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Syria’s Economic Woes Create New Fractures and Power Struggles

Courtesy of Rane’s STRATFOR Worldview, an updated look at Syria’s economic woes: In Syria, growing economic distress and frozen reconstruction efforts are threatening the legitimacy of established actors, in turn providing space for extremists to exploit. Fighting in Syria has dramatically declined as the frontlines of the civil war have largely been frozen since 2020. But […]

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Iran, Venezuela, Syria Sign Landmark Oil Refinery Deal to Foil US Sanctions

Via Tasnim News, a report on a new agreement between Iran, Venezuela, and Syria for a new 140,000 barrel refinery to be built in Syria: Signing a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Iran, Venezuela and Syria for building a new refinery in the Arab country is clear proof of Iran’s ability to cooperate with […]

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The World’s Least Liveable Cities are Starting to Improve

Via The Economist, a report on how cities in the Middle East and Africa currently remain at the bottom of EIU’s liveability index, but their scores are going up: Egypt’s government worries that its citizens may get trapped in their lifts. Frequent power outages in Cairo, the capital, during the sweltering summer months mean that […]

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Iran, Syria Ink MoU to Boost Cooperation in ICT Sector

Via Tasnim News, an article on new cooperation between Iran and Syria in the ICT sector: Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bolster cooperation in the field of communications and information technology (ICT). Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) Issa Zarepour, who accompanies President Ebrahim Raisi in his visit […]

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