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Kurdistan’s Oil: Past, Present and Future

Via Global Risk Insight, a look at oil and gas reserves in the autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq: The development of oil and gas reserves in the autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) is a recent phenomenon which began after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Despite the KRI’s significant energy potential, it was impossible […]

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Cuba’s Economy: Slim Pickings

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on Cuba’s economy: GABRIEL and Leo have little in common. Gabriel makes 576 Cuban pesos ($23) a month as a maintenance man in a hospital. Leo runs a private company with revenues of $20,000 a month and 11 full-time employees. But both have cause for complaint. For Gabriel it […]

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China Takes Stake In Russian Oil Company Rosneft

Via Eurasia Review, a report on a new chapter in Russia-China energy ties: Russia has opened its doors wider to Chinese investment with the sale of a share in state oil company Rosneft, but financial pressures and sanctions may have given it little choice. In a surprising development on Sept. 8, privately held CEFC China Energy […]

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Don’t Overlook Côte d’Ivoire

Via Global Risk Insights, a look at Cote d’Ivoire’s emergence as a powerful economic player in West Africa: Côte d’Ivoire is a frontier market often overlooked by multinationals as a viable investment opportunity. Here are some brief reasons why investors with a risk appetite should start paying attention. Growing political stability Côte d’Ivoire is no stranger […]

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Afghanistan and Central Asia Republics

Courtesy of the Times of Central Asia, interesting analysis of Afghanistan and its relations with Central Asian Republics: On September 17 Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani emphasized the significance of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline, lauding the contribution that such large-scale projects could make to the peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan and the sustainable social and […]

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New ‘Silk Road’ Fund Hopes China’s Eurasia Strategy Is A Money Maker

Via Forbes, an article on a new fund  targeting SRI-related investment opportunities: A road in Tajikstan in Eurasia. These vast land masses of old nomadic tribes are along China’s new Silk Road: a massive means to export capital, labor and products to new markets, many of which are not even considered frontier markets yet by […]

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