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The Axis of Oil Goes Commercial: Iran and Venezuela Launch A Joint Company

Via Xinhua News, a report that Iran and Venezuela will launch a joint oil company with its headquarters based in Spain.  As the article notes: “…Iran and Venezuela are establishing an oil company named Beniroug which allows us to make investments and activities in other countries, including Cuba, Sudan, China and Bolivia,” First Secretary for […]

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Kazakh Oil: Greasing An Improved Russia – Turkey Energy Partnership

Via Foreign Policy, a brief analysis of the role that Kazakh oil is playing in the closer ties between Russia and Turkey over energy.  As the article notes: “…Turkey’s dream of becoming the energy hub of the region, benefiting from all the pipelines either up and running or on paper, in Eurasia, is one step […]

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Oil Is Not Well In Azerbaijani-Turkish Energy Relations

Via The Asia Times, a report on the troubled state of energy relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.  As the article notes: “…In all the debate and speculation over the various pipelines planned for the Caspian-South Caucasus corridor and adjacent regions (Nabucco, South Stream, White Stream, and Trans-Caspian Gas Pipelines in addition to various oil pipeline […]

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Barron’s: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fields of Dreams

Courtesy of Barron’s, a report on some emerging new fields in sub-Saharan Africa.  As the article notes: “…Until relatively recently, big oil gave little thought to sub-Saharan Africa beyond the coast of Nigeria and Angola. That’s changing rapidly after a significant find off the Atlantic coast of Sierra Leone, where both Anadarko Petroleum and U.K.-based […]

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Angola Reaches Out To The Amazon

Courtesy of Upstream Online, a look at Angola’s Sonangol Group’s interest in investing in Ecuador’s Amazon region.  As the report notes: “…Angola’s oil minister and Opec president, Jose Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos, will travel to Ecuador at the end of October to discuss Sonangol’s investment in Ecuador, Jaramillo said during a meeting with foreign journalists. […]

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An Energy Corridor For China’s Oil In Sudan?

Courtesy of Energy Daily, a report that China and Kenya are discussing a huge project to develop a port on the Kenyan coast and a corridor creating a new export route for China’s oil in Sudan’s secessionist south.  As the article notes: Most of Sudan’s oil is in the south — which has a semi-autonomous […]

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