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Saudi Film Industry Blooms Six Years After Cinema Ban Is Lifted

Via The Circuit, a look at how Saudi Arabia’s return to film following a 35-year ban is making a mark both domestically and internationally Saudi Arabia celebrated six years since cinemas reopened in the kingdom this month following a 35-year ban. Filmmakers who were unable to shoot in the city streets for fear of the […]

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North Korea’s “National Defence Industrial Enterprise”

Via 38 North,  a look at North Korea’s “National Defence Industrial Enterprise” from a domestic economic perspective: On April 26, North Korean media mentioned a “newly established national defence industrial enterprise under the Second Economy Commission” while reporting that Kim Jong Un, on the previous day, had watched “the evaluation test-fire” of a 240-mm multiple rocket launcher […]

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Ethiopian Mining: Rich Potential

Via The Africa Report, a report on Ethiopia’s mining ambitions: Ethiopian Minerals Corporation CEO Rahel Getachew says international interest in the country’s mining sector is taking off. Ethiopia’s unexploited mineral resources can be used to make the mining sector the biggest contributor to GDP, Rahel Getachew, CEO of the Ethiopian Minerals Corporation (EMC), tells The Africa […]

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Afghanistan: Conflict Followed By Climate Crisis

Via The Diplomat, an article on Afghanistan where – as the dilemma on recognition and assistance remains unresolved – the nation will be subjected to a vicious cycle of conflict with climate change acting as a threat multiplier: One of the immediate impacts of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021 was the country’s […]

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Delayed Pipeline Could Undermine Improved Relations Between Pakistan and Iran

Via Stratfor’s Rane Worldview, a report on the impact that a delayed pipeline may have upon relations between Pakistan and Iran: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s recent trip to Pakistan underscores Tehran’s commitment to diplomatic efforts and economic collaboration with Islamabad, but a problematic pipeline project may undermine relations as Pakistan grapples with either getting sanctioned […]

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War’s Impact on Muddle East Economies

Via The Economist, a look at the impact that war is having upon the Gulf’s global business ambitions: It was supposed to be the new Middle East: a quieter, neutral entrepot where Arabs and Jews, Shia Iranians and Sunni Arabs, Americans, Chinese and even Russians could all rub along in the common pursuit of profit. In […]

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