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Disappearing Oil Market and Its Impact on The New Seven Sisters

Via Robert Amsterdam, interesting analysis of the impact that falling oil prices may have upon financing for key production and transit projects, which could present a major strain on future supplies and in particular affect the new seven sisters & other national oil companies.  As the article notes: “…With the credit tap still turned off […]

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China To Build A New Oil & Gas Pipeline Across Myanmar

Via Energy Daily, a report that China will build a new oil & gas pipeline across Myanmar.  As the article notes: “…Work on the oil and gas line will begin in southwest China’s Yunnan province in the first half of 2009, the state-run China Daily reported, indicating a project that has been in the planning […]

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Investing in Africa and Ecuador

Via Portfolio, an article extolling the investment opportunities in Africa and Ecuador.  As the report notes: “…His big idea, as glossed this speech, is that poor resource-rich countries, such as a lot of African states, are largely immune from the global financial crisis since they were never really part of the global financial system to […]

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Fishing For Investment Returns In The Caspian

Via The Silk Road Intelligencer, an interesting look at The Sturgeon Fund, launched in December 2006, to target the “Turkestan” region, comprising Central Asia and the Caucasus.  As the article notes: “…The fund gives exposure to markets that on the one hand are not explored by mainstream funds, and on the other that, with the […]

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Proposed Impact of Gazprom Price Increases on Europe

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an interesting report that certain European states have told Russian natural gas giant Gazprom that if the firm raises natural gas prices at the beginning of 2009, they will not be able to pay the bill.  As the article notes: Europe gets roughly a quarter of its natural gas supplies from […]

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Russia & Georgia: Energy Negotiations

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a report that Russia and Georgia — whose relationship is still shattered after the war between them in August — are to start energy negotiations in mid-December. As the article notes: “…Georgia currently relies on Russian natural gas to fulfill approximately 60 percent of its domestic demand, with neighboring Azerbaijan fulfilling […]

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