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Iraq: A Fragile State With A Fragile Economy

Via the Atlantic Council, a look at Iraq’s economy: Protesters display a huge Iraqi flag during a demonstration against corruption and poor services in regard to power cuts and water shortages, in Kerbala, southwest of Baghdad, August 14, 2015.   There is little to envy in the life of embattled Iraqi Premier Haider al-Abadi, who is […]

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Iran’s Efforts To Revive Its Energy Sector

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting analysis of Iran’s efforts to revive its energy sector through foreign investment: Iran is preparing to formally open up its economy to Western investment, a prospect that has drawn the attention of the world’s biggest oil companies. But Tehran may have more difficulty reviving its oil and natural […]

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The Ultimate Frontier Market: Veteran Investor Expects Explosive Growth In North Korea

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an interesting report on Jim Rogers’ interest in North Korea: Jim Rogers is burnishing his credentials as the Indiana Jones of Finance by looking to the ultimate frontier: North Korea. Rogers, who made his name co-founding the Quantum Fund with financier George Soros, is searching for investments far off the […]

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Iran’s Retail Revolution

Via Terra Daily, an interesting report on Iran’s retail “revolution” as malls sprout around the country: The traditional bazaar has long been the place to shop in Iran but despite years of sanctions a new generation has discovered a vastly different consumer experience: blatant, unapologetic Western-style consumerism. Instead of meandering markets echoing with the sound of […]

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The New Silk Road

Via The Economist, an interesting article on how China’s latest wave of globalizers will enrich their country—and the world: AN ENORMOUS MAP of the historic Silk Road hangs on a wall at Wensli, a leading Chinese silk producer. Nearby exhibits put China’s silkmaking tradition into context. The Chinese first encountered silkworms about 6,000 years ago. Two […]

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North Korea’s Quiet Market Reforms

Via NK News, a report on North Korea’s “quiet” market reforms: Not everybody would agree, but it seems increasingly likely that Kim Jong Un and his administration (whatever that means) are executing a careful set of market-oriented reforms. These reforms bear some similarities to what the Chinese leadership did in the 1970s, though they are […]

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