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Gazprom Grapples With Collapse In Sales to Europe

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at how Gazprom is grappling with the collapse of its sales to Europe: Vladimir Putin was effusive late last year after Gazprom reported record sales to China, telling chief executive and longtime ally Alexei Miller: “This is great, I congratulate you on the results of your work.” But the […]

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The Final Countdown: Will Russia and Ukraine Renew Gas Transit Deal?

Via Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, analysis of the potential for Russia and Ukraine to renew its gas transit partnership: Extending the transport of Russian gas via Ukraine after 2024 would likely benefit both Russia and Ukraine. Stopping the flow of gas, on the other hand, would be painful for whichever side initiates it. At […]

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Chinese and Russian Firms Discuss Joint Energy Project Development

Via Reuters, a report that Chinese and Russian energy firms are discussing jointly developing oil and gas fields: China is in talks with Russia’s Rosneft (ROSN.MM), Gazprom (GAZP.MM) and Novatek (NVTK.MM) about the joint development of oil and gas fields and hydrocarbon trade, state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) said on Wednesday. Russia is counting […]

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The Fall of Russia’s Gas Giant Dulls a Key Tool of Putin’s Power

Via Bloomberg, a report on how Gazprom has lost much of its scare factor and its export ambitions are now chiefly in China’s hands: Russian President Vladimir Putin overplayed his hand by trying to use Gazprom PJSC to bring Europe to its knees, and now his efforts to bolster the state-controlled gas giant are at the mercy of China. After […]

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What Russia’s First Gas Pipeline to China Reveals About a Planned Second One

Via the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a report on how Russia is now in a far worse negotiating position regarding a gas pipeline to China than in 2014, finding itself at the mercy of a monopsonist buyer: A key topic of discussion during the Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Moscow was the […]

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Iran: Regional Energy Hub

Via Mehr news, an article on Iran’s ambitions to become a regional energy hub with Russia’s support: Iran’s oil minister said on Thursday that oil and gas swap between Iran and Russia would turn Iran the hub of energy in the region. Javad Owji, who accompanied Iran’s First Vice-President Mohammad Mokhber in Moscow to attend […]

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