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Electric Vehicles Sales Boom in Nepal

Via The Diplomat, an interesting report on the EV sales boom in Nepal: Nepal’s abundant hydroelectric power is helping the Himalayan nation cut its oil imports and clean up its air, thanks to a boom in sales of electric vehicles. Nearly all of the electricity produced in Nepal is clean energy, most of it generated […]

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The Nepali Army’s Growing Business Interests

Via The Diplomat, a look at the army’s growing commercial clout in Nepal: In an event in September 2022 to mark the completion of his first year as Nepal’s army chief, General Prabhu Ram Sharma asserted that “the Nepali Army is the focal point of hope, trust, and unity of the Nepali people,” adding that the military’s […]

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China Got a Big Contract. Nepal Got Debt and a Pricey Airport.

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on Nepal’s new airport at Pokhara, which insiders suggest revals the pitfalls of China’s infrastructure-at-any-cost model: On a sweltering June morning, the new international terminal at the airport in Pokhara, Nepal’s second-biggest city, roared to life with the arrival of a Sichuan Airlines flight from China. A […]

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Climate and China: Bringing South Asia’s Countries Closer

Via The Economist, a look at how limate and China fears are bringing South Asia’s countries closer as demonstrated by a recent electricity deal between Bangladesh, India and Nepal: For much of June the 23m people in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, suffered in temperatures of up to 38°C. Fans and air-conditioners were of little […]

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With China’s Help, Nepal Chips Away at Its India-lockedness

Via The Diplomat, a report that China has begun a feasibility study to build a railway line linking Kathmandu with Kerung in the Tibet Autonomous Region: On December 27, a team of Chinese experts landed in Nepal to conduct the feasibility study of the Kathmandu-Kerung (Geelong) railway. On the same day, China opened the Rasuwagadhi […]

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