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Russia Renews Overtures to Original Seven Sisters

Via the always insightful The Oil & The Glory, interesting thoughts on Russia’s recent overtures to some of the original Seven Sisters to participate in major exploration projects.  As the article notes: “…With cash reserves running down and insufficient economic relief in sight, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, his growl turned into a purr, is welcoming […]

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Russia: Attempting to Choke Off Potential Export Routes For Azeri Natural Gas?

Via Stratfor (subscription required & recommended), interesting analysis of the deal signed between Russia and Azerbaijan on June 29, under which Russia will pay Azerbaijan $350 per thousand cubic meters of natural gas — the highest price Russia has paid for natural gas from the Caucasus or Central Asia. As the article notes, Moscow hopes […]

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China’s Thirst For Iraqi Oil

Via The New York Times, an interesting article on China’s keen interest in Iraqi petroleum opportunities.  As the report notes: “…Chinese oil companies are expected to bid for the rights to develop Iraq’s oil fields in auctions that are set to start Tuesday, although Sinopec, the China National Petroleum Corporation and the China National Offshore […]

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Russia Taking On China In Africa

Via Energy Daily, an interesting report on Russia’s renewed interest in African resources.  As the article notes: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit this week to Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest oil producer, to sign natural gas deals threw down the gauntlet to energy-hungry China, which has been aggressively sinking its commercial hooks in the mineral-rich continent […]

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China’s Loan To Turkmenistan

Via Energy Daily, a report that China has granted Turkmenistan a four- billion-dollar (2.9-billion-euro) loan for its gas sector and will receive additional supplies of Turkmen gas.  As the article notes: “…Turkmenistan and China have signed a deal on a credit of four bilion dollars as part of a meeting between Chinese Vice Premier Li […]

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Myanmar: Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting look at Myanmar and its growing trade with India & China.  As the article notes: “…The divide between Myanmar’s shining new capital, home to much of its military elite, and its commercial capital underscores the failure of a decade of U.S. and European sanctions, efforts to break the […]

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