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Opinion: Egypt ‘Probably Different’ This Time

Via Frontier Market News, commentary on the potential – if Egypt’s government can stick to its reform plans – for the country stands a good chance of resolving some of its most persistent challenges: To a Republican president like Ronald Reagan “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, […]

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Oman Becoming Hot Spot for Ship-to-Ship Transfers of Russian Oil

Via Bloomberg, a report on Oman’s role in the international transfer of Russian oil: Crude heading to India being reloaded in waters off the nation Rise in activity comes as US steps up scrutiny of the flows Suezmax New Discovery carrying Russia’s Urals crude heads to Sohar, Oman, after idling of the west coast of […]

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Texan Bitcoiners Start Mining In Argentina, Where Peso Is In Freefall

Via CNBC, an article on a Texas bitcoin company’s operations in Argentina: Giga Energy, based in Houston, has teamed up with Exa Tech and Phoenix Global Resources to mine bitcoin in Argentina. The province of Mendoza is home to the world’s second-largest shale gas reserve. At the small pilot site, Giga is turning otherwise wasted […]

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Nigeria To Grant Mining Licences Only To Companies that Process Locally

Via Reuters, a report on Nigeria’s recent decision to grant mining licences only to companies that process locally: Nigeria will only grant new mining licences to companies that present a plan on how minerals would be processed locally, under new guidelines being developed, a government spokesperson confirmed on Thursday. This signals a shift from Nigeria’s decades-old […]

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Iran Inks Agreements to Develop Six Oil Fields: Biggest Deals In Decades

Via BNA Intellinews, a report that Iran and Iraq are teaming up to develop the Masjed Soleyman field: Iran has signed what it calls “the biggest deals in a decade” to develop six oil fields in the south and the west, a week after entering into $20bn contracts to boost pressure in the colossal South Pars […]

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Candy Crush: Crushing It In Africa

Courtesy of Semafor, interesting analysis of a recent survey on video games in Africa: I’ve been digging into a survey on video game players across Africa, by Geopoll/Pan Africa Gaming Group, looking for nuggets. It’s a sector which is still in its early stages of development on the continent and has very little analytical coverage. […]

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