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Foxconn Leases New Site in Vietnam As It Continues To Diversify Production Away From China

Via South China Morning Post, an article on Foxconn’s efforts to diversify production away from China: Apple’s biggest contractor Foxconn Technology Group said it has secured a new site in Vietnam, as the Taiwanese giant pushes ahead with efforts to shift more production away from mainland China following major disruptions at its key manufacturing base late last year. […]

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Vietnam Pulls Off Asia’s Fastest Growth as Economy Powers On

Via Bloomberg, an article on Vietnam’s continued economic growth: Vietnam’s economy grew at the fastest pace in Asia this year, signaling momentum just before risks from a global slowdown began to materialize. Gross domestic product rose 8.02% in the year to December, according to official data reported Thursday. That was faster than the government’s initial […]

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India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh: The World’s New Factories

Via BusinessInsider, a report on how India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh are stepping up to replace China as the world’s factory: China’s COVID policies are pushing companies to diversify supply chains away from the country. They had already begun moving out due to geopolitical tensions and tariffs from the Trump era. India, Vietnam, Thailand, […]

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Economic Themes Defining Vietnam In 2022

Via VN Express, a report on the economic themes that defined Vietnam in 2022: Vietnam’s economy experienced a bumpy year with major stumbling blocks in the stock, property and corporate bond markets. However, it is expected to end 2022 on a high note thanks to surges in growth, the trade surplus and foreign investment. GDP […]

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Vietnamese Automaker Files for New York IPO

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report on Vietnamese EV manufacturer VinFast’s filing for a NYSE IPO just days after it shipped its first batch of completed cars to the United States: The Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast has filed for an initial public offering in New York in a bid to bolster its audacious entry […]

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Apple Makes Plans to Move Production To Vietnam and India

Courtesy of Wall Street Journal, a report on Apple’s plan to diversify its supply chain away from China: In recent weeks, Apple Inc. has accelerated plans to shift some of its production outside China, long the dominant country in the supply chain that built the world’s most valuable company, say people involved in the discussions. It is telling […]

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