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Chinese Businesses Target Vietnam and Mexico as Trade Tensions with US Rise

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at how Chinese investment is increasing in countries that offer alternative supply chain route to US: Chinese businesses are increasingly favouring investment in countries including Vietnam and Mexico as trade tensions rise between western governments and Beijing. During the year to March, at least 41 Chinese manufacturing and […]

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Vietnam’s Great Untapped Rare Earth Bounty

Via Asia Times, an article on US efforts to help develop Vietnam’s rich rare earth reserves to decouple from China but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon: Vietnam is home to the world’s second-largest reserves of rare earths, according to the US Geological Survey. Yet while the US and its allies seek a supply […]

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Vietnam’s Catch-22 In Courting China As Rare Earth Partner

Via South China Morning Post, commentary on Vietnam’s Catch-22 in courting China as a rare earth partner: In many ways, Beijing is the perfect partner for Hanoi’s rare earth processing industry ambitions But standing in the way is Vietnam’s wariness of corporate exploitation and taking sides in the US-China rivalry, as well as its political […]

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Xi’s Armada Is Winning the Battle for Energy in the South China Sea

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a look at how tensions are soaring, but Southeast Asian nations are struggling to push back on Beijing’s contested claims and tap the energy resources their growing economies need: This was supposed to be the year that Vietnam reaped the benefits from one of its largest natural gas discoveries. An estimated 150 […]

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Southeast Asia’s Potential in Critical Minerals

Via the Australia Strategic Policy Institute, a report on Southeast Asia’s potential in critical minerals: Global critical mineral demand is expected to increase dramatically in coming decades, from a 7.1 million tonnes in 2020 to 42.3 million tonnes in 2050. Global commitments to decarbonisation are the main drivers of this growth, because clean-energy technologies depend […]

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$1.7 Billion Cambodian Canal Project Draws Increasing Scrutiny

Via The Diplomat, a report on the China-backed Techo Funan Canal, which will connect the Mekong River to the country’s coast, has given rise to environmental and security concerns: The governments of Vietnam and the United States are calling for greater transparency over a $1.7-billion canal project that is being built by a Chinese state-owned […]

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