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New Airport Shows Cambodia Can Get What It Wants From China

Via Nikkei Asia, commentary arguing that Cambodia’s new Siem Reap hub proves there is more to the BRI than debt traps: Cambodia’s newly inaugurated Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport offers an important window into how China’s Belt and Road Initiative is evolving and what it can still bring to developing countries. Last month’s Belt and Road Forum […]

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Rising Energy Prices Rekindle Thai, Cambodian Interest In Disputed Waters

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on how rising energy prices may rekindle tensions between Thailand and Cambodia over long-dormant oil and gas reserves: A decades-old dispute between Cambodia and Thailand over potentially resource-rich waters is back in the spotlight as rising prices press governments to find new energy sources. Thai officials have floated a new […]

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Billion-Dollar Airport Whets Cambodia Appetite for Chinese Investment

Courtesy of Nikkei Asia, a look at how – as Siem Reap’s new airport opens, Cambodia’s PM Hun Manet looks for more Belt and Road money: Planes have begun landing at a new Chinese-built airport near the city of Siem Reap, the latest symbol of how Cambodia is pinning its hopes for infrastructure investment on its […]

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Thailand, Vietnam and Neighbors Compete in Airport Expansion Race

Via Nikkei Asia, a look at how airlines’ passenger capacity for seven Southeast Asian nations to double by 2030: Southeast Asian countries are rushing to expand their major airports to meet rising domestic demand as well as attract foreign investment and travelers to boost economic growth, although some plans are raising concerns about over- investment. […]

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The Shadowy Chinese Firms That Own Chunks of Cambodia

Courtesy of BBC, a report on a shadowy Chinese firms that own chunks of Cambodia: The highway runs through the forest like a black ribbon, down to the sea and to what must be one of the world’s largest tourism projects. Fifteen years after it began, there is still not much to see of the […]

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Cambodia Bets on BRI, But Should Also Count Costs

Via East Asia Forum, an article on Cambodia’s benefits and costs of being part of China’s BRI: China is Cambodia’s largest bilateral donor, lender, investor and trading partner. About a quarter of Cambodia’s total trade, a third of aid and two-fifths of foreign direct investment (FDI) and external debt involves China. Although Sino-Cambodian diplomatic and […]

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