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China’s Continuing Influence Over Cambodia’s Economy

Via East Asia Forum, a look at China’s continuing influence over Cambodia’s economy: China’s significant investment in Cambodia, including infrastructure support as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, has turned Cambodia into a major manufacturing hub and bolstered its global supply chain ties. But given China’s dominant influence on Cambodia’s economy and substantial loans, […]

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The Intensification of Sino-Cambodian Relations: Geostrategy Beyond Infrastructural Development?

Via ISPI, an article on how the interaction between Cambodia and China extends far beyond mere infrastructure development: The first-ever visit of two Chinese warships at Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base in December 2023 is the latest and more tangible sign of the burgeoning “impregnable ironclad friendship” between the two countries. Far from being a just rhetorical label, […]

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China To Push BRI During Visits to Indonesia, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea

Via South China Morning Post, an article on China’s top diplomat Wang Yi’s plans to push belt and road during visits to Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea: Foreign Minister Wang Yi will travel to the three countries this week as Beijing steps up diplomacy with Southeast Asia amid US rivalry China is a top […]

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Chinese Exodus Leaves Cambodia Boomtown with 500 ‘Ghost Buildings’

Via Nikkei Asia, a look at how Sihanoukville has been saddled with unfinished projects due to casino clampdown and COVID: An exodus of Chinese real estate companies has left this Cambodian seaside resort littered with hundreds of half-finished projects. The concrete skeleton of one of these buildings stands on a piece of land owned by […]

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$1.7 Billion Cambodian Canal Project Draws Increasing Scrutiny

Via The Diplomat, a report on the China-backed Techo Funan Canal, which will connect the Mekong River to the country’s coast, has given rise to environmental and security concerns: The governments of Vietnam and the United States are calling for greater transparency over a $1.7-billion canal project that is being built by a Chinese state-owned […]

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Top Emerging Markets for Investment in 2024

Via Visual Capitalist, an interesting graphical look at the top emerging markets in 2024: Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to the investment made by individuals, companies, or entities from one country into businesses, assets, or ventures located in another country. FDI plays a pivotal role in global economic development, as it facilitates capital flows, fosters […]

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