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On Track: Uganda Revives Colonial-Era Railway After Chinese Funds Fall Through

Uganda’s government is revamping a 400-kilometer old railway line between Tororo in eastern Uganda, near the border with Kenya, and Gulu in the north, near South Sudan. The revamp, set to cost $55.4 million over the next two years, follows an agreement with the Chinese contractor China Road and Bridge Corporation. As reported by Rfi, Uganda […]

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China’s Oil Gambit in Africa’s Conflict Zones

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report on China’s efforts to double down on its African energy investments even in the face of local opposition and violent conflict: As China, the United States, and other players jockey for position in present and future energy sectors, the African continent faces a pivotal moment in its oil and […]

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Uganda: Cool Beans

Courtesy of Gates Notes, an interesting look at a Ugandan plant breeder making beans even more nutritious and easier to grow: What’s your favorite way to eat beans? Mine is in chili. I know that’s a controversial opinion in some parts of the United States, but in my family, we grew up eating bean chili. It was […]

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Iran’s Quest For Economic Foothold In Africa

Via Al Monitor, a look at Iran’s efforts to sign agreements in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, looking also on the horizon to engage in a tight race with such foreign investors as China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi embarks today at the helm of a large delegation to three […]

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How the West Can Forestall Green OPECs

Courtesy of Semafor, commentary on how the West could head off the creation of new OPEC-like producer cartels for critical resources such as lithium by inviting mineral-rich Latin American and African nations to join the existing Minerals Security Partnership (MSP): Western countries should head off the creation of new OPEC-like producer cartels for critical resources […]

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Uganda, Other African Nations Push for Fossil-Fuel Projects

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on Uganda’s and other African nations’ fossil fuel ambitions: A herd of elephants stomped through savannah grasslands to the throbbing sounds of bulldozers preparing oil wells that will soon start feeding a 900-mile pipeline from this wildlife and nature reserve. The $10 billion project has become a flashpoint […]

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