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North Korea: A “Formidable Player” Once It Opens Up

Via the Jim Rogers (unofficial) blog, an interesting commentary on North Korea via a reprint from “Street Smarts” Copyright © 2013 by Jim Rogers: In 2007, my wife Paige and I received permission to visit North Korea. I wanted to go there because I sensed that changes were coming. Now I am not a tour […]

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North Korea: Dabbling With Reform?

Via The New York Times, an Op-Ed examining  North Korea’s modest moves towards economic liberalization: While North Korea draws world attention with spectacular and seemingly bizarre actions like the hacking of Sony’s computers or outbursts of bellicose rhetoric, Pyongyang has quietly initiated a round of reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy. It’s unlikely that Kim Jong-un, […]

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Lavish Malls Sprout Up To Attract Iranian Elite

Courtesy of The New York Times, a look at Iran’s numerous shopping mall developments: The low rumble of powerful engines reverberated against the high-rises of Zaferanieh, an upmarket neighborhood, as Porsches and Mercedeses lined up to enter the multistory parking lot of a fancy new shopping mall, the Palladium, the latest addition to Tehran’s shopping […]

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Africa’s Electrifying Future

Via Mark Mobius’ blog, an interesting look at Africa: Emerging and frontier markets are a focal point of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which takes place during the week of January 19. One of the sessions, “Achieving Africa’s Growth Agenda,” is of particular interest to me. Our team still believes Africa overall […]

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Businesses Push White House For More Cuba Access

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on how US companies are eager to recover lost ground in Cuba: Pictured, cargo cranes at Cuba’s Mariel port. U.S. businesses are pressing the Obama administration to offer wider access to Cuba’s markets than it has signaled, fearing they could lag behind overseas competitors as the nation […]

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KFC In A War Zone

Via Ozy, an interesting look at companies that operate in conflict-ridden markets: South Sudan is not exactly renowned for its business-friendly climate. Neither are Afghanistan or, for that matter, Iraq. But Hugh Morris, a former British army officer, sees plenty of ventures diving in, for better and for worse. From oil and gas corporations to […]

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