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Coffee In The Congo: On The Path To Becoming The “Democratic Republic of Coffee”

Via Sprudge, a look at efforts to expand the coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The plight of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is widely known, from militia and rebel activities to human rights violations, gender-based violence, and other atrocities. The violence has resulted in six million deaths, seven million internally displaced […]

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Turkish Construction Magnate Turhan Mildon Steams Ahead with Projects in Kinshasa

Via The Africa Report, a look at Turhan Mildon, CEO of Turkish construction firm Milvest, which is firing on all cylinders in the DRC: Turhan Mildon, CEO of Turkish construction firm Milvest, is firing on all cylinders in the Congolese capital. Present in the Democratic Republic of Congo for just three years, his company is […]

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UAE Sets the Pace for Gulf Investments in Africa’s Mining Sector

Via African Critical Minerals, a look at how the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a major player in Africa’s critical minerals sector, driven by the global shift towards clean energy and the need to diversify its economic portfolio. The UAE has made significant investments in Africa’s mining sector, particularly in copper-rich Zambia and […]

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Seeking Access to Congo’s Metals, White House Aims to Ease Sanctions

Via the New York Times, a report on a deal to allow the Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler to cash out his mining positions in the Democratic Republic of Congo has enraged human rights activists and some government officials. Three years after Biden administration officials tightened sanctions on a billionaire Israeli mining executive for corrupt business […]

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Why the World Has Gone Cuckoo for Copper

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on how the U.S. and China are competing to acquire the metal essential for EVs and data centers. It is also at the center of a $43 billion takeover battle: After one of the world’s top copper producers recently hit a financial crunch, the Biden administration started huddling […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: The Coming Danger To Its Blue Economy

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the proposed East African Federation: The East African Federation is a proposition on the table. It is to be a union of the eight EAC members and any other member that would join it in the future into a single federated sovereign state. The current members include in Alphabetical order […]

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