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Rush for Lithium in Africa Risks Fueling Corruption and Failing The Continent’s Citizens

Via Global Witness, critical commentary on the rush for lithium in Africa: Efforts to address the global climate emergency are leading to an increased demand for renewable energy technology, particularly in the Global North, including electric vehicles and the batteries required to power them. Africa is one of the new frontiers in a race for […]

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The Lobito Corridor: Washington’s Answer to Belt and Road in Africa

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at the Lobito Corridor: Washington’s answer to Belt and Road in Africa: Launched a decade ago, China’s Road and Belt Initiative is a colossal infrastructure and economic development project spanning across Asia, Europe, and Africa. To date, 52 African governments signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with China regarding the BRI […]

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Democratic Republic of Congo: ‘Future Is Bankable’

Via The East African, commentary from Kenyan Ambassador to the DRC George Masafu about Democratic Republic of Congo’s bad history of wars and instability, but its bankable future: Summary Mafafu said DRC is a victim of its own history. But since 2018, state authority is being put in place. He said the country’s parliament is enacting […]

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UAE Faces Pushback on African Investments

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a report on how Abu Dhabi’s heavy investmnent in ports and land across the continent is facing public backlash and competition from Beijing: In a bid to become the hegemonic power in the Middle East and outperform other Persian Gulf nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the United Arab Emirates […]

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Starsight Premier Energy Considers Expansion Into South Sudan, DRC

Via The Africa Report, an article on Starsight Premier Energy’s potential expansion into South Sudan, DRC: Starsight Premier Energy CEO Rupesh Hindocha sees cheap solar power as the key to unlocking Africa’s manufacturing potential. Starsight Premier Energy, a joint venture between Starsight Energy and Premier Solar, is considering entering South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo […]

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Bill Gates-Backed Mining Startup Wants to Expand Into Congo

Via Bloomberg, an article on a Bill Gates-backed mining startup that wants to expand into Congo: KoBold Metals invested in copper project in neighboring Zambia The Central African country is world’s top source of cobalt KoBold Metals, a mining start-up backed by Bill Gates that’s developing a copper project in Zambia, is getting closer to investing in […]

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