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In Sierra Leone, A Chinese Port-Building Plan Raises Ire

Via The Economist, an article on a Chinese port initiative in Sierra Leone: Tito Gbandewa sweeps a hand across a beach in Sierra Leone that many call one of the most beautiful in west Africa. The bark of nearby trees can cure a child’s cough, locals say. The nectar of its palms comes “from God […]

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Taliban Takeover Is a Boon for Cash-Strapped Iran

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the positive benefits for Iran of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in which Tehran gets dollars from new oil sales to Afghanistan, while the Taliban get fuel for the ailing Afghan economy: Iran this week restarted fuel exports to Afghanistan that had been disrupted by fighting between the […]

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Has Uzbekistan’s Time Finally Come?

Via Geopolitical Futures, commentary on Uzbekistan in light of the U.S. decision to withdraw from Afghanistan: In our 2019 Annual Forecast, we said we expected Uzbekistan to challenge Kazakhstan as the dominant power in Central Asia. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed any progress toward that end, but now that the world seems to be getting past the […]

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Taliban Okays TAPI Gas Pipeline Work To Resume As Kabul Banks Reopen

Via Silk Road Briefing, an article on some signs of normalcy returning to Afghanistan:  Signs of normality returning as Afghani banks reopen and national infrastructure projects restart Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that one of the group’s main priorities, once it has established itself in power in Afghanistan, is to push ahead with the TAPI […]

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Taliban Coffers Filled By Afghanistan’s Shadow Economy

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on the Tailban’s challenge of paying government salaries and keeping the country running: The toppling of Afghanistan’s pro-western government and re-establishment of Taliban control has handed the running of the country’s formal economy over to the Islamists. Yet this task will not be completely alien to the militant […]

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The Belt and Road’s Future In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

Via The Diplomat, a look at BRI’s future in a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan: When the United States and its allies began evacuating from Kabul on August 15, as the Taliban entered the Afghan capital, China decided to keep its embassy open and claimed it was ready for friendly relations with the Taliban. State Councillor and Foreign Minister […]

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