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Cambodia’s Economy: Not A Complete Stitch-Up

Via The Economist, a look at Cambodia’s ongoing development: UNDER dazzling white strip-lights a production line of young Cambodians stitch, iron and fold their way to the day’s target of 820 two-piece children’s pyjamas. These garments are destined for the shelves of Los Angeles, shop price $9.97. The workers, mostly women, start at 7.30am and […]

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Golden Age for Africa? The Quest For Africa’s Riches

Via The Globe and Mail, a look at Africa: In the dusty streets of the tiny village of Romaro, a building boom is under way. Crumbling mud shacks are being replaced by new tin-roofed houses. Almost overnight, the village’s ancient way of life has vanished. Most of its farmland has been swallowed up by a […]

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China: Looking At Afghan Gold?

Via The Diplomat, a report on China’s interest in Afghan mining opportunities: Not everyone is leaving Afghanistan. Zhou Yongkang, China’s security supremo, became the first member of the country’s top leadership to visit Kabul since the 1960s recently, jetting in for several hours for talks with President Hamid Karzai. Perhaps Zhou, China’s crackdown connoisseur, had […]

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Iran: An Updated Look

Via Energy Tribute, an updated look at Iran’s economy: Since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad first became President of Iran, in August 2005, the country’s economy has gone from bad to worse. Iran now ranks near the bottom – 144 out of 183 countries – in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2012, an authoritative report that measures the […]

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The Giants Are Coming: Tentative Western Oil Majors Line Up for Myanmar Hydrocarbon Glory

Via Energy Tribune, a look at interest in Myanmar’s petroleum reserves: Since President Obama’s easing of sanctions against the Southeast Asian country in July, American as well as foreign companies are flocking to Myanmar for business — all sectors are on the table including banking, insurance, pharmacy, manufacturing, services and energy. General Electric was the […]

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Mexico’s Growing Middle Class

Via Foreign Policy, a look at Mexico’s growing middle class: Mexico has come in for positive news of late, thanks in part to a forecast published by Nomura Securities that showed Mexico surpassing Brazil as Latin America’s largest economy by 2022. While that’s certainly possible, a more realistic scenario would involve Mexico growing at the […]

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