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Ethiopia: Fastest-Growing Country In The 2010s

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on how Ethiopia has seized the crown as fastest-growing country in the 2010s — but is now ripping up its playbook: A country that is in the process of ripping up its economic model and has been forced to go cap in hand to the IMF might be […]

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Is Now The Time To Invest In Kazakhstan?

Via Forbes, a look at Kazakhstan: Global investors tend to group Kazakhstan along with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), but its market fundamentals are markedly different and they appear to offer some interesting investment opportunities going into 2020. First and foremost, the government has been pursuing a privatization program that aims to […]

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Gabon: Africa’s Next Big Oil Frontier?

Via Oil, a report on Gabon’s Africa seems to be emerging as the prime drilling spot for the early 2020s – it is still relatively under-evaluated, would be cheaper than any other domestic project for Western or Russian majors (i.e. Arctic oil or deepwater) and seemingly would not be subject to the socially sensitive […]

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Caspian Oil Producers Face Growing Investor Skepticism

Via S&P Global, a look at the Caspian petroleum producing countries: Three decades after gaining independence, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan face a growing struggle convincing investors and markets of the potential for significant new oil opportunities in the Caspian region. Recent months appear to have demonstrated the reduced allure of a region once seen as a […]

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China Looks To Central Asia As An Economic Alternative

Via The Diplomat, commentary on China’s active efforts to look for partners to show that the BRI is a truly international project, rather than simply a geopolitical expansion plan: The United States and China reached a limited trade agreement on Friday, narrowly avoiding the White House-imposed December 15 deadline, which would have seen tariff increases on $156 billion of […]

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Could A Peaceful Afghanistan Be An Economic Powerhouse?

Via The Conversation, an article on Afghanistan’s economic potential Peace talks have resumed between the United States and the Taliban of Afghanistan, three months after negotiations ended abruptly following a deadly Taliban attack in Kabul. The Taliban – an armed insurgency promoting an ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam – has battled the Afghan government for power for three decades. Since the U.S. invasion of […]

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