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China’s Latin American Investments Downshift To Smaller, More Strategic Projects

Via China Strategy, a look at China’s Latin American investment strategy: Margaret Myers, one of the study’s main researchers and director of its Asia and Latin America programme, said that the years of large, high-risk projects have led to a reorganisation of priorities in Beijing. She believes that the Chinese economic slowdown has led several […]

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How Drug Traffickers Made the Galápagos Islands Their Gas Station

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a riveting story on the interactions between economics, illegal activity, the environment, and fossil fuel consumption in Ecuador and a reminder that conservation is inextricable from peace and security, prosperity, and human well being: Charles Darwin described it as the most desolate of the Galápagos Islands, an almost extraterrestrial outpost […]

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China’s Global Mega-Projects Are Falling Apart

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at the growing number of China BRI infrastructure projects plagued with construction flaws, adding more costs to a program already criticized for leading countries deeper into debt: Built near a spewing volcano, it was the biggest infrastructure project ever in this country, a concrete colossus bankrolled by […]

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China’s Expanding Involvement in the Latin American Energy Sector

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of China’s involvement in Latin America’s energy industry: Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas announced July 6 that one of China’s state-owned oil companies, China National Petroleum Corp., will take a 30 percent stake in Ecuador’s $12.5 billion Refinery of the Pacific, which will have a refining capacity of 300,000 barrels per day. […]

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Oil Nationalism in Latin America

Courtesy of Foreign Policy In Focus, an interesting report on oil nationalism in Latin America.  As the article notes: “…Latin America is endowed with 132 billion barrels of “proven” oil. Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador have significant reserves and strong state involvement in the exploration and production of oil through their nationalized companies Petróleos de […]

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Iran & Venezuela: Building an Energy Axis in South America

Courtesy of Reuters, news that Iran, Ecuador, and Venezuela have agreed to build a refinery and a petrochemical unit in Ecuador.  As the article reports: “An agreement was signed between Iran and Ecuador on cooperation in the oil industry and showed the will of the two countries’ presidents to increase cooperation in economy and politics,” […]

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