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Russian Gazprom Develops Kyrgyzstan’s Natural Gas Infrastructure

Via the Times of Central Asia, a look at efforts by Russia’s Gazprom to develop Kyrgyzstan’s natural gas infrastructure: Russian Gazprom develops Kyrgyzstan’s natural gas infrastructureGazprom Kyrgyzstan JSC, a subsidiary of Russian gas giant Gazprom, on August 29 launched several projects in Kyrgyzstan including completion of gasification of the Ala-Too residential area, a backbone regional […]

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New Silk Road: Japan To Counteract China In Kazakhstan With New Asia-Europe Rail Deall

Via Forbes, a report on a new Japanese investment to counter China’s BRI initiative: Japan continues standing in the ring with China, exchanging blow for blow as the Asian rivals both compete and cooperate with each other in the creation of the trans-Eurasian mega-project that has been dubbed the New Silk Road. Just months after the announcement of a deal that would […]

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Pakistan’s $100B Deal With China

Via Devex, a detailed look at China’s investment and aid to Pakistan: Early last year, the Pakistani government sent USAID officials in Islamabad a mystifying letter via snail mail: please stop doing feasibility studies for Diamer Basha Dam. Pakistan had been lobbying the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Asian Development Bank since 2010 to complete the dam. A USAID assessment […]

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Iran-Afghan Economies Tied by One-Way Trade

Via the Financial Tribune, a report on Iran/Afghanistan trade: A review of trade between Iran and Afghanistan over the past decade shows the neighboring country has mainly been an importer of Iranian goods. Iran’s exports to Afghanistan have been on a general uptrend starting at $497 million in the March 2005-6 fiscal year and reaching […]

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Belt Up: Western Firms on China’s OBOR

Via The Economist, a look at how Western firms are coining it along China’s One Belt, One Road: “MUTUAL benefit, joint responsibility and shared destiny,” sings a choir of enthusiastic schoolgirls in a music video called “The Belt and Road, Sing Along” from Xinhua, a news service run by the Chinese government, that mixes shots of […]

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Kyrgyzstan: An Emerging Market Still Stuck In The Past?

Via Value Walk, some commentary on Kyrgyzstan’s investment potential: Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia lodged between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China, as the map below shows. Back then, just 4.5 million people lived in the country. And its gross domestic product (GDP) was around US$1.5 billion. The country had no stock market (that’s why […]

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