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Pakistan’s Improved, but Fragile Economoy

When General Pervez Musharraf seized power in a 1999 military coup, Pakistan was nearly bankrupt and under numerous international sanctions. And, if one was merely reading the news of the past few weeks – namely, Islamabad’s Red Mosque crisis, internal wrangling over Chief Justice Chaudhry’s dismissal and reinstatement, Musharraf’s apparent reaching out to former Prime […]

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Post-Castro Cuban economy … unfolding right now

Tucked neatly into Forbes’ current International Investing Guide edition is Alex Davidson’s interesting piece on Cuba’s investment potential. While much of the focus is on post-embargo opportunities that may emerge in the tourism, agricultural, transport, and infrastructure sectors (especially those for American companies with a large presence in Miami), I found his discussion of Cuba’s […]

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Libya … a future investment haven?

Lots in the news recently regarding Libya’s agreement to release the foreign medical workers held in the HIV/AIDs scandal, ostensibly partially in return for greater interaction with the EU. While Libya has slowly been working to improve its image and relationships over the past few years, the reality of its petroleum potential & wealth is […]

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A ‘China opening’ to Iran?

Have not yet written much on the National Oil Company of Iran but, despite all the negative press, rhetoric, and bashing by both sides, I personally believe that Iran is a market we should examine and watch. To that end, I wanted to direct readers to Jeremi Suri’s very interesting article that appeared earlier this […]

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Into Africa …

Was pleased to read Wednesday’s Globe & Mail article which discussed Merrill Lynch’s recent report that Africa could be the “final frontier” of the world’s emerging markets. While I may quibble with such general statements as “the continent may be on the cusp of an “unprecedented stage of economic development”, I do agree that population […]

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Indonesia … the forgotten member of OPEC?

Given my last post and as further reminded by an article at, we should keep Indonesia in the back of our minds. I am personally less than bullish on the specific companies mentioned in the article, but I do believe that Indonesia – as a market and opportunity – is often unfairly “penalized” or […]

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