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International Competition Over Turkmenistan’s Transport Routes Intensifies

Via Jamestown Foundation, a report on how international competition over Turkmenistan’s transport routes has intensified: As Turkmenistan has been closed off from the rest of the world for most of the period since 1991 and as Ashgabat’s commitment to neutrality has meant that it is not a participant in many multilateral forums, Turkmenistan frequently has […]

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Turkmenistan Seeks to Become Gateway to the World for Landlocked States in Central Asia

Via Window on Eurasia, a report on Turkmenistan’s desire to become a gateway for landlocked countries in Central Asia: During his visit to Dushanbe last week, Turkmenistan President Serdar Berdymukhamedov said that his country, with its port on the Caspian Sea, should do everything in its power to serve as a gateway to the world […]

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‘Mind-boggling’ Methane Emissions From Turkmenistan Revealed

Via The Guardian, a report on the ‘mind-boggling’ methane emissions from Turkmenistan, all of which are linked to oil and gas fields operated by the state-run companies Turkmennebit (Turkmenoil) and Turkmengaz: Methane leaks alone from Turkmenistan’s two main fossil fuel fields caused more global heating in 2022 than the entire carbon emissions of the UK, […]

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Railing Central Asia Into The World Economy

Via The Geopolitics, commentary on the potential that railway linkages offer Central Asia: If there is one key to unlocking the doors of any economy, it is certainly a railway. Since its invention and construction between Manchester and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, railways have dramatically boosted trade, which is why they also played high […]

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Turkmenistan Begins Exporting Gas To Pakistan Via Afghanistan By Truck

Via Afghanistan’s ATN News, a TAPI’ed thatTurkmenistan has begun exporting gas to Pakistan via Afghanistan: Local authorities in Kandahar province say an international company has officially started exporting natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan. The Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that the route overland through Afghanistan is a lot shorter than the […]

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Turkmenistan: Spending $5B To Build A City Honoring Strongman Leader

Via Quartz, a report on Turkmenistan’s strongman leader, who has already penned a song dedicated to his favorite horse, is now building a city in his own name: State officials announced today (March 29) that Turkmenistan will spend close to $5 billion to build a new city called Arkadag, or “protector,” in honor of its […]

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