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US Bets on $2.3 Billion African Railway to Help Deliver EV Revolution

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on Washington’s gamble that the Lobito corridor linking Congo, Zambia and Angola will provide the battery metals to power its green transition: Ahead of a trip to Zambia in September, Kurt House made a detour to Washington to meet US Under-Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, who subsequently wrote on X. “We […]

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Africa Moves a Step Closer to Continent’s First Cobalt Refinery

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on progress towards Africa’s first cobalt refinery: AFC signs expression of interest with Vision Blue-backed firm Production could begin at Zambian facility in 22 months Africa could have its first cobalt sulphate refinery by the end of 2025, one of the few outside of China capable of making the product […]

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West Challenges China’s Critical Minerals Hold on Africa

Via Reuters, a report on the West’s efforts to challenge China’s critical minerals hold on Africa: China’s CMOC Group overtook Glencore to become the world’s largest producer of cobalt last year as it ramped up its new Kisanfu mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company’s production leapt by 174% year-on-year to 55,526 metric […]

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China Plans To Spend $1B To Revamp Tanzania-Zambia Railway

Via South China Morning Post, a report that China plans to spend US$1 billion to revamp Tanzania-Zambia railway in race to control critical mineral trade routes: The Tazara rail line, first built in the 1970s with Chinese funding, will be updated through public-private partnership The project connecting Zambian copper belt with Dar es Salaam will compete […]

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Zambian President Calls US-Backed Rail Once-in-Lifetime Break for Nation

Courtesy of Bloomberg, an article on the Lobito Corridor: Lobito corridor project will connect Zambia to Angola port Line will compete with another one that China is investing in Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema said a US-backed project to connect Zambia’s copper mines to an Angolan port offers the nation a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. The project will link mining […]

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Zambia to Start Trading Its Own Copper, Competing With Glencore

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report that Zambia plans to start trading its own copper: Country says trading the metal will boost pricing transparency Government could receive copper instead of mining royalties Zambia plans to directly buy and sell a portion of the copper produced in the southern African nation, competing with trading giants including Mercuria […]

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