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UAE Sets the Pace for Gulf Investments in Africa’s Mining Sector

Via African Critical Minerals, a look at how the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a major player in Africa’s critical minerals sector, driven by the global shift towards clean energy and the need to diversify its economic portfolio. The UAE has made significant investments in Africa’s mining sector, particularly in copper-rich Zambia and […]

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China Is Winning the Minerals War

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a look at the race for critical minerals in which Western efforts to make a dent are languishing; ‘China is not just standing still waiting for us to catch up’: For the past few years, the West has been trying to break China’s grip on minerals that are critical […]

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Why the World Has Gone Cuckoo for Copper

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on how the U.S. and China are competing to acquire the metal essential for EVs and data centers. It is also at the center of a $43 billion takeover battle: After one of the world’s top copper producers recently hit a financial crunch, the Biden administration started huddling […]

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US Must Support Critical Mineral Projects In Risky Nations

Via Reuters, a report on the need for the US to support critical mineral projects in risky nations: The United States and its allies must encourage mining projects in countries where Western corporations are reticent to do business to guarantee a reliable and sustainable global supply of the critical minerals needed to combat climate change, […]

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Zambia’s Finance Minister Says the Era of Too Much Debt From China Is Over

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on Zambia’s decision to move on from its earlier reliance on China’s debt: Zambia’s is ready to move on from a failed economic development model based on borrowing billions of dollars of debt from creditors like China, the country’s finance minister said. “The level of debt that […]

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UAE Eyes Zambia Mine As Minerals Race Heats Up Against Saudi Arabia, China

Via Al Monitor, a look at how wealthy Gulf countries are racing against China, Europe and the United States for minerals critical to powering the global green transition: The United Arab Emirates is increasing its push to acquire African mineral resources, scrambling against China, Saudi Arabia and others to secure contracts. Its latest foray is […]

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