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Face It, Putin: China Is Just Not That Into Your Gas Pipeline

Courtesy of Bloomberg, commentary on China’s waning interest in the proposed Russian-Chinese gas pipeline, dubbed Power of Siberia 2: Underneath all the bombast and saber rattling that plays out whenever President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin meet up, there’s always an undertone that sounds more like a plot line from a high […]

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Gazprom’s Declining Fortunes Spell Trouble for Moscow

Via Foreign Policy, an article on why Gazprom’s record loss should worry the Kremlin on several fronts: At the end of 2022, Dmitry Medvedev—Russia’s former prime minister and the current deputy chairman of its Security Council—offered his predictions for the coming year. He warned that Europeans would suffer badly from Russia’s decision to curb natural […]

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Power of Siberia 2: Close Deal or Re-Route?

Via Asia Times, a look at the geopolitics surrounding the Power of Siberia 2 as China debates how alternate Kazakhstan gas route affects Mongolia route plan: A plan to transit Russian natural gas to China via Kazakhstan has recently triggered a hot debate among Chinese pundits over the fate of the long-discussed Power of Siberia […]

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Down The Pipe: Russia’s Gas Business Will Never Recover From the War In Ukraine

Via The Economist, an article on the long-term impact of the Ukraine conflict on Russia’s gas industry: When russia’s leaders stopped most of the country’s gas deliveries to the eu in 2022, they thought themselves smart. Prices instantly shot up, enabling Russia to earn more despite lower export volumes. Meanwhile, Europe, which bought 40% of its gas from […]

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Taliban Plan Regional Logistics / Energy Trade Hub With Russian Oil In Mind

Via The Frontier Post, a report on the Taliban’s plans to build a regional logistics / energy trade: The Taliban has agreed with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to build a logistics hub in western Afghanistan aimed at making the war-torn nation a major logistics point for regional exports, including oil from Russia to South Asia, the […]

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Russia Considering Creating Ports in Tanzania, Senegal, Algeria and Egypt

Via Russia’s TASS News, a report that Russia is considering the possibility of creating ports in Tanzania, Senegal, Algeria and Egypt: Russia is considering the creation of ports to organize the flow of domestic goods with African countries, in particular in Tanzania, Senegal, Algeria and Egypt. Roman Chekushov, director of the department of international cooperation […]

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