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Angola & Nigeria: State-Led Petroleum Sector Development

Via Phenomenal World, a report on state-led petroleum sector development in Angola and Nigeria: Oil and gas producers in Africa, like developing countries across the globe, face a particular problem in pursuing state-led development. The resource curse, and specifically the phenomenon of “Dutch disease,” in which an exporting industry brings in foreign capital and causes the […]

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The Rise of Sonangol: How Privatization is Strengthening its Competitiveness

Via Energy, Capital & Power, an article on Sonangol’s privatization and drive to strengthen its competitiveness: Angola plans to complete the privatization of the country’s national oil company (NOC) Sonangol by 2026, falling in line with its strategy to modernize the economy and attract private investment. As part of the strategy, the government will make […]

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Why Angola’s Latest Visit to China Is Good for the G7

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report on Angolan President Lourenço’s recent visit to Beijing which took place amid the talk of growing global competition between the United States and China in the Southern African region: Whatever metric you are looking at, when it comes to Africa-China relations, Angola is typically close to (if not at) […]

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Angola: The OPEC Producer Looking To Sell A Stake In Its Oil Company

Via, a report on Angola’s Sonangol: OPEC producer Angola plans to raise much-needed cash via selling a stake in its state oil firm Sonangol by early 2022 as the crash in oil prices—and the pandemic—severely weakened the country’s finances. Angola is considering selling part of Sonangol, as well as a stake in the national […]

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Sonangol: National Oil Company And Government Backbone

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at Sonangol, Angola’s national oil company: Summary Before Angola’s independence in 1975, Portugal imposed a contentious and hastily thrown together power-sharing deal among Angola’s three main ethnic groups: the Bakongo, Mbundu and Ovimbundu. This pact unraveled quickly after independence as Angola descended into a three-way civil war. […]

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Angola State Oil Group Plans Production Increase

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report that Sonangol, the Angolan state oil group that has amassed assets from Iraq to Cuba, is aiming to raise fivefold its production as an operator.  As the article notes: “…Manuel Vicente, whose promotion to minister of state for economic co-ordination in January ended his 12 years at the […]

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