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 Juan Valdez: Colombia’s Global Success Story

Via Latinometrics, a look at the striking global success of Colombian coffee: In 1927, the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers (NFCGC) was established to promote the production and exportation of Colombian coffee. The timing was unfortunate, to say the least: two years later, the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange sent prices spiraling for worldwide […]

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Top 5 Emerging Market Import / Export Centers in 2024

Via The Business Year, an article on which emerging market countries are essential nodes in global trade in 2024? One way of looking at international trade is to see it as the cumulative exchange of goods and services across borders over time. Every component used in a finished product has been through the import/export process several times […]

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Catching Rays: Latin America Purchasing Billons of Dollars of Chinese Solar Panels

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a look at Latin American’s significant investment in Chinese solar panels: In the last six years, Latin America has imported $26B — or almost twice the GDP of Nicaragua — worth of solar panels from China, the world’s leader in producing and selling them.

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How Coal Giant Colombia Is Trying to Wean Its Economy Off Fossil Fuels

Via Bloomberg, a report on how Colombia is trying to wean its economy off fossil fuels: Colombia has become the first major coal producer to join a group of nations calling for the end of fossil fuels, in a bid to escape the economic trap it could face as the world ditches the dirtiest forms of […]

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Colombia Makes History at COP28

Via Global South Perspectives, a report on Colombia’s decision to formally join the bloc of nation-states seeking to negotiate a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, the tenth country to call for an international treaty to phase out fossil fuels with a comprehensive just transition framework and the first major fossil fuel exporter to endorse the initiative: I’m getting […]

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Colombia’s Ecopetrol Examining Gas Imports from Venezuela

Via Reuters, a report on Colombia’s Ecopetrol consideration of importing gas from Venezuela: Colombia’s majority state-owned oil company Ecopetrol (ECO.CN) is exploring an offer from Venezuela’s PDVSA to supply the Andean country with gas from December 2024, it said on Tuesday. Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro said during a visit to Venezuela over the weekend it was […]

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