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How Did The Colombian Peso Become This Year’s Darling?

Courtesy of Ashmore Group, insightful analysis of the Colombian Peso’s 2023 performance so far: What is the best performing currency in 2023 so far? Against all odds and biases, the Colombian Peso (COP), which is up 16.8% against the USD year-to-date and 22.8% including the ‘carry’, or the interest rate differential earned by carrying long […]

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Colombia’s Nickel Reserves: A Blessing and Curse

Via Geopolitical Monitor, an article on Colombia’s nickel industry: The Colombian government is eager to expand and diversify the country’s mining industry by exploiting critical minerals, including nickel, which is currently solely mined in Cerro Matoso. As global demand for this critical mineral reminds high, nickel can be very profitable for Colombia’s mining industry and […]

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As Oil Giants Retreat Globally, Smaller Players Rush In

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how as Big Oil retreats globally, smaller players are filling the gap: Under pressure from shareholders and activists, major energy companies are retreating from higher-polluting and riskier projects around the world. A bunch of smaller companies are rushing in to fill the void. In Nigeria, smaller […]

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Colombia Doubles Down On Shift Away From Oil and Mining

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Colombia’s desires to diversify its economy to restore manufacturing of textiles, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals: Colombia wants to restore industries such as textiles, fertilisers and metalworking as it seeks to cut its account deficit and wean the country off oil and mining, Bogotá’s new finance minister said. Ricardo […]

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LatAm’s Big Role In The Rose Trade

Via Latinometrics, an interesting look at Latin America’s significant role in the global rose trade: Ecuador and Colombia Represent 34% of the $2.86B+ Rose Export Market Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, sometimes called Día del Amor y la Amistad in Latin America. During this holiday, which celebrates the love between couples but also friends, restaurants, bars, and gift […]

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What Does China’s Reopening Mean For Latin America?

Via The Economist, a look at how and if China’s post-COVID rebound will be a boon for some countries in Latin America: For centuries Latin America’s economies have been characterised by short booms and sudden busts, often on the back of commodity cycles. When silver was discovered in the highlands of Bolivia in 1545, the village […]

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