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OilCo. Nation: Will Oil Companies Provide Kurdistan Its De Facto Statehood?

Courtesy of Foreign Policy’s Oil & Glory blog, an interesting commentary on the lure of Kurdistan for foreign oil companies: Less than a year after the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, Baghdad is losing a primary lever over independent-minded Kurdistan — its grip on the northern region’s revenue-earning oil industry. Kurdistan’s secret weapon? Foreign […]

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South Africa: Built like a BRIC, Or The New Frontier …And OnThe Fear of Becoming Colombia

Two interesting articles on South Africa – one with a bit more of a hard-hitting “realist” examination, but both sure to provide some fodder for thought. First, via The Financial Post: There was plenty of grumbling among economists when South Africa last April gained entry into the BRIC club. The four-nation group — Brazil, Russia, […]

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Growing Opportunities Behind Turkey’s Soft Landing

Courtesy of Emerging Markets Insights, a positive perspective on Turkey: Turkey is on a clear slowdown trajectory. Both the consumer and the business sectors are seeing a gradual deceleration of growth, and GDP expanded by only 3.2% in Q1 2012, compared with last year’s annual growth of 8.5%. We expect Turkey’s slowdown to continue through […]

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Can Myanmar’s Economy Cope With Sudden Influx Of Foreign Investment?

Via Radio Australia, an interview examining Myanmar’s ability to cope with sudden influx of foreign investment: Presenter: Richard Ewart Speaker: Brian Klein, former American diplomat and trade official KLEIN: There’s a lot of opportunity in Myanmar so money is chasing that opportunity.  But in Myanmar,  government is very new and the economy is still quite […]

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Argentina’s New Oil Rules “Worse Than Nationalisation”

Via The Financial Times, a report on Argentina’s new oil rules:   A public relations adage holds that bad news is best released on Friday, so that it’s published in the little-read Saturday papers. And it’s a fair guess that Argentina’s government had an inkling that new rules governing the country’s petroleum industry and public shares […]

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War And Debt: Commodities Trading Houses Cash In

Via Reuters, an interesting look at a group of trading houses that are looking at frontier markets for large returns: The Vitol oil trader dressed in heels picking her way through the armed rebels and pick-up trucks of post-war Tripoli had eyes only for the lucrative oil contracts up for grabs from Libya’s new revolutionary […]

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