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No, China Is Not Planning to Spend $58 Billion on a Railway Connection to Pakistan

Courtesy of The Diplomat, an article on the proposed railway at the China-Pakistan border at the Khunjerab Pass: An article published by the South China Morning Post on April 27 reported that a feasibility study had deemed the China-Pakistan railway, costing $58 billion, as “worth it.” This news was picked up by various media platforms […]

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Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: What Went Wrong?

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at Pakistan’s economic crisis: In March-April, the Pakistan government set up distribution sites across the country to provide sasta aur muft aata (low-cost and free flour) to people to ease their burden amid spiraling prices and the ongoing economic crisis in the country. But instead of doing good, the […]

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Turkmenistan Begins Exporting Gas To Pakistan Via Afghanistan By Truck

Via Afghanistan’s ATN News, a TAPI’ed thatTurkmenistan has begun exporting gas to Pakistan via Afghanistan: Local authorities in Kandahar province say an international company has officially started exporting natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan. The Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that the route overland through Afghanistan is a lot shorter than the […]

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How Philly Cheesesteaks Became Huge in Lahore, Pakistan

Via Philadephia Magazine, an interesting story of how Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich became a hit in Pakistan’s 13M resident megalopolis of Lahore: Sometime in the fall of 2021, a man from Philadelphia came to meet Mazhar Hussain, a chef based in Lahore, Pakistan. Hussain was shown a video of a dish he hadn’t seen before: a […]

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Can Karachi’s Women-Only Pink Buses Drive Change In Pakistan?

Via The Guardian, an article on Karachi’s women-only pink buses which are a response to the fact that harassment by men on public transport is one reason why female participation in the workforce stands at only 20%: At precisely 1.40pm, the bright pink bus packed with women leaves the depot and snakes its way through […]

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Taliban Sets Up Investment Consortium With Firms From Russia, Iran

Via Reuters, a report on Afghanistan’s efforts to create an investment plan for power, mining, and infrastructure: Afghanistan’s Taliban-led administration has set up a consortium of companies, including some in Russia, Iran and Pakistan, to create an investment plan focusing on power, mining and infrastructure, the acting commerce minister said on Wednesday. The consortium included […]

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