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Togo’s Renewable Energy Drive

Via WhyAfrica, a report on Togo’s new renewable energy drive: Togo is expanding energy production and distribution through a growing emphasis on solar power. With more than half of its population lacking reliable electricity access, Togo faces substantial requirements for new energy production and distribution. At present, the West African country features a relatively diversified energy mix […]

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West African Highway Construction Still Fraught with Interstate Obstacles and Financing Challenges

Via Modern Diplomacy, a look at the status of the grandiose highway project referred to as ‘Abidjan-Lagos Corridor’: After successfully launching the grandiose highway project referred to as ‘Abidjan-Lagos Corridor’ back in 2017, the five West African States – Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria – are still reviewing mechanisms for its implementation. Series […]

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Shippers Give Ghana Wide Berth Due To High Port Fees

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a look at how Togo and Cote d’Ivoire are benefiting as Ghana’s high port fees deter shippers: A 20% drop in container traffic at Ghanaian ports suggests Togo and Cote d’Ivoire are seen as more attractive.  Recent data from Ghana’s port authority shows a notable decline in port traffic, with […]

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Megalopolis: How Coastal West Africa Will Shape The Coming Century

Courtesy of The Guardian, a look at how – by the end of the century – Africa will be home to 40% of the world’s population – and nowhere is this breakneck-pace development happening faster than this 600-mile stretch between Abidjan and Lagos: It has long been said that no one knows with any certainty […]

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Togo’s New Cybersecurity Center Will Serve All of Africa

Via Quartz, an article on Togo’s leadership in Africa’s cybersecurity space: A new cybersecurity center in Togo is poised to add into efforts by individual African countries to secure the continent’s cyberspace. In November 2021, Kaspersky reported that Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya recorded a combined total of 81 million cyber attacks in three months, signaling how […]

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Why Is Google Laying A Subsea Internet Cable In Africa?

Via Quartz, an article on why Google is laying a subsea internet cable in Africa: Big tech companies from Silicon Valley tend to focus most business attention in the US and Europe where they make the most money. But they are increasingly setting their sights on Africa, too. Amazon is building a Prime Video team to develop […]

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