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Myanmar: Unique Opportunities, Major Challenges

Via McKinsey, a summary of a new report on Myanmar: Myanmar is a highly unusual but promising prospect for businesses and investors—an underdeveloped economy with many advantages, in the heart of the world’s fastest-growing region. Home to 60 million inhabitants (46 million of working age), this Asian nation has abundant natural resources and is close […]

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Philippines Defies Asia Slowdown With Best Growth Since 2010

Via Bloomberg, a report on the Philippine’s economic growth: Philippine growth unexpectedly accelerated to the fastest pace in almost three years, defying a regional slowdown as President Benigno Aquino boosted investment and state spending. The peso reversed its decline. Gross domestic product rose 7.8 percent in the three months through March from a year earlier, […]

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The Next Possible African Petro-State: Namibia?

Courtesy of, an interesting look at Namibia petro potential: Africa’s fabled mineral riches have excited foreign imaginations for centuries. When in 1324, Mali’s king Mansa Musa, who had converted to Islam 18 years earlier, made his haj to Mecca, his 60,000 man caravan carried 12 tons of gold on the back of their camels, […]

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The Colonel Arrives In Mongolia: KFC In Ulaanbaatar

Via Huffington Post, a report on American fast food’s arrival to Mongolia: Mongolia, a land once synonymous with isolation and rural hardship, is at the beginning of a transformation. Newly tapped mines beneath the Gobi desert and elsewhere, rich in copper, coal and gold, have resulted in a surge of wealth that has brought electricity, […]

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Nepal: From Buffer to Bridge For China

Via Eurasia Review, an article on China’s vision for Nepal: Given its strategic location, Nepal is of immense importance to both India and China. On the north it is surrounded by China (TAR) and on south, east and west by India. Economically, Nepal can act as a bridge between India and China. The commentary addresses […]

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Koryolink Nears 2 Million Subscribers

Via North Korea Tech, a report on the rapid growth of mobile telephony in North Korea: Koryolink, North Korea’s sole 3G cellular service provider, is close to hitting the 2 million subscriber mark. The news was disclosed this week by the Koryolink CEO Ezz Heikal in Pyongyang and later confirmed by the company’s head office in […]

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