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Green Hydrogen: Namibia’s Lessons To The World

Via The Namibian, commentary on Namibia’s hydrogen future: The signing of the Feasibility and Implementation Agreement (FIA) between the Namibian Government and Hyphen to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives is an important milestone that deserves to call the attention of many countries around the world. It is an important example of how countries can […]

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Studious Investors Stand To Benefit From Opportunities In Africa

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on how discerning fund managers say Africa can provide lucrative and stable returns: Africa presents something of a conundrum for the world’s biggest asset managers. What should be a continent overflowing with investment opportunities is by and large no more than a side note within the trading activities […]

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Beijing and Washington Are Battling Over Africa’s Green Future

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, an article on how the global energy transition depends on building partnerships with African states. In March 2023, three renewable energy players—Conjuncta from Germany, Infinity from Egypt, and Masdar from the United Arab Emirates—signed an agreement with Mauritania’s government to develop a colossal green hydrogen project in the country, worth a […]

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Using Hydrogen To Fuel Growth In Developing Countries

Via, commentary on the potential for hydrogen to fuel next stage of growth in many developing countries: The new hydrogen economy will not just be global, it must be used as a major economic development opportunity for low income nations and promoting shared prosperity, explain Dolf Gielen, Silvia Carolina Lopez Rocha and Priyank Lathwal at the […]

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Major New Oil Discovery In Namibia

Via New Era Newspaper, an article on a major new hydrocarbon discovery in Namibia: Shell has reportedly made another major discovery of hydrocarbons, the main components of oil and gas in the Orange Basin. Once confirmed, this will be Shell’s second major discovery in the vicinity, where TotalEnergies last year also confirmed a major discovery […]

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Namibia’s Struggling Economy

Via New Era Live, commentary on why Namibia’s economic growth remains stunted: Namibia, by all comparative standards, has got all the ingredients of a flourishing economy. It has huge deposits of mineral resources, a highly educated youth market and one of the best road networks in the world.  It has effectively developed the communication infrastructure […]

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