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Namibia’s Gas Development to Alleviate SADC Power Woes

Via Energy, Capital & Power, an article on Namibia’s gas goals: Poised to start production in 2026,  the Kudu Conventional Gas Development in Namibia’s Orange Basin could transform the country into a major regional gas exporter. According to Namibia’s national oil company NAMCOR, the development holds an estimated 1.3 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural […]

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Namport Links Namibia with Regional, Global Markets

Via Energy, Capital & Power, a report on Namibia’s port operator / infrastructure: Namibia’s ports offer direct access to principal shipping routes to international markets and serve as a natural gateway to the southern African region. As operator of the ports of Walvis Bay and Lüderitz, the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) is aiming to drive […]

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Can Namibia Avoid The Resource Curse?

Via Namibia Business Express, commentary on whether Namibia can avoid the ‘resource curse’ that has plagued other hydrocarbon-rich African countries: Huge oil discoveries in the deep coastal waters off Namibia over the last two years are generating a wave of energy investor interest in the country’s hydrocarbon reserves – the recent finds potentially turning it […]

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South African Ports Fail to Gain From Diverted Red Sea Traffic; Namibia and Madagascar Gain

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on how Namibia and Madagascar are gaining from diverted Red Sea traffic: Madagascar, Namibia, among those benefiting from rerouting South Africa’s port problems see it miss out on some traffic Africa’s inefficient and aging ports are hampering the continent’s chances of capitalizing on a surge in ship traffic that’s avoiding […]

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Namibia’s NAMCOR Talks Becoming Energy Self-Sufficient

Via Energy, Capital & Power, a report on Namibia’s national oil company: As the national oil company of Namibia, NAMCOR is committed to harnessing the country’s full hydrocarbon potential and is currently working with operators to appraise recent offshore discoveries. Last September, Energy Capital & Power spoke with Former Managing Director Shiwana Ndeunyema about NAMCOR’s […]

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Namibia’s Top Energy Priorities Through 2030

Via Namibia Business Express, a report on Namibia’s top energy priorities through 2030: Bryan Eiseb, Executive Director of Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy has outlined Namibia’s top energy development priorities between now and 2030 highlighting amongst others a complete overhaul of the existing regulatory framework to ensure competitive, attractive terms for investors, as well […]

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