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Türkiye, Oman Sign Deal to Purchase 1.4B Cubic Metres of Gas Annually

Via TRT World, a report on a new deal between Türkiye, Oman sign deal to purchase 1.4B cubic metres of gas per year: Türkiye is signing a new gas deal with Oman, the Turkish energy minister has announced, a move to diversify Ankara’s gas supplies. “We will purchase 1.4 billion cubic metres of gas annually and […]

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A New Copper Age Is Coming …

Via The Arab News, commentary on the prospect of a new copper age: We are entering a new copper age. As the world moves toward ambitious net zero carbon emissions targets, copper will take center stage as the key metal for our electrified future. From wind to solar to electric batteries and more, the coming […]

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Uganda Turns To Turkey To Build Railway After Chinese Talks Collapse

Via Quartz, a report that Uganda has turned to Turkey to build its railway after talks with Chinese firms fell through: Uganda has canceled all contractual work it signed with China Harbour Engineering Company to build a 273-kilometer standard gauge railway (SGR) from its border with Kenya to its capital in Kampala, after the project failed to kick off […]

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Bulgaria Signs Long-Term Gas Deal With Turkey

Via The Frontier Post, an article on a gas deal between Bulgaria and Turkey: Bulgaria’s state gas company Bulgargaz on Tuesday signed a long-term deal with Turkish state gas firm Botas, giving it access to neighbouring Turkey’s gas network and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals to help bring in supplies. Bulgaria was almost fully dependent […]

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Erdogan Touts Potential Gas Deal Ahead of Turkmenistan Summit

Via Al Monitor, a report on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan interest in a gas deal that would extend into Europe: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that the trilateral summit between Turkey, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan this week will focus on Ankara’s plans to carry Turkmen gas to Turkey and from there to Europe […]

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China Props Up Belt-and-Road Borrowers Via Unusual Channel

Via the Wall Street Journal, a report on the People’s Bank of China use of currency-swap lines to support governments that borrowed heavily from Chinese banks via the BRI program: Hungry for foreign currency to shore up their dwindling reserves, some troubled countries have in recent years turned to an unusual source of funds: The People’s […]

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Focusing primarily on The New Seven Sisters - the largely state owned petroleum companies from the emerging world that have become key players in the oil & gas industry as identified by Carola Hoyos, Chief Energy Correspondent for The Financial Times - but spanning other nascent opportunities around the globe that may hold potential in the years ahead, Wildcats & Black Sheep is a place for the adventurous to contemplate & evaluate the emerging markets of tomorrow.