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Western Multinationals Fleeing Nigeria Are Being Replaced by Asian and Turkish Firms

Via Bloomberg, a look at how western multinationals fleeing Nigeria are being replaced by Asian and Turkish firms: Naira’s depreciation, currency swings deter multinationals Nigerian firms have also made significant investments As US and Europe-based multinationals exit Nigeria, Asian and local companies are stepping in to fill the void. Last week, London-based Diageo Plc sold its controlling […]

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Turkish Construction Magnate Turhan Mildon Steams Ahead with Projects in Kinshasa

Via The Africa Report, a look at Turhan Mildon, CEO of Turkish construction firm Milvest, which is firing on all cylinders in the DRC: Turhan Mildon, CEO of Turkish construction firm Milvest, is firing on all cylinders in the Congolese capital. Present in the Democratic Republic of Congo for just three years, his company is […]

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Libya: Economic Savior for Ankara and Cairo?

Via The Africa Report, commentary on why Egypt and Turkey’s economic rapprochment needs Libya: After ten years of a consistently tense diplomatic relationship, Cairo and Ankara have buried the hatchet to start afresh. Will this reconciliation be enough to boost their weakening economies?   In the current global political climate, both Egypt and Turkey are suffering economically. To […]

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Emerging Powers and the Future of American Statecraft

Via the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a new report on how, collectively, emerging powers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are growing in their geopolitical weight and diplomatic ambition. How closely do they align with the United States when it comes to Russia and China? What drives their decisions on the […]

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Turkey, Iraq Seek Closer Trade Ties: Want To Build A New Trade Route To Europe

Via Bloomberg, a report on Iraq and Turkey’s efforts to convince Gulf states to help finance a $17 billion trade route stretching from Iraq’s Faw Port in its southern Basra province to Turkey, and then on to Europe: Ankara, Baghdad want to build a new trade route to Europe Deal comes as neighbors try to […]

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From Moscow to Mumbai: Russia Pivots South for Trade

Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at how Russia – once dependent on Europe for trade – has been forging new routes that will allow it to skirt Western restrictions. A planned railway through Iran could be key for those ambitions. For centuries, trade with Europe was the main pillar of Russia’s economy. […]

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