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Central Asia: The Once and Future Heart of Eurasia

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a report on Central Asia: In recent decades, the portrayal of the five former Soviet Central Asian states—collectively known as the “stans”—in Western media and policy discourse has often been overly simplistic, neglecting their unique identities, historical legacies, and rich cultural diversity. These nations are frequently depicted as objects in a larger […]

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How the Taliban Took Over Afghanistan’s Mines

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Afghanistan’s mining sector under the Taliban, which has issued hundreds of deals to tap gold, gemstones and minerals: Afghanistan has long been a fabled land for miners. The mountainous country sits on an estimated $1tn of materials that decades of war have largely put off limits. But […]

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Climate Change Imperils Taliban’s Shift From Opium

Via The Washington Post, a report on how prolonged droughts attributed to climate change are making it hard for Afghans to grow other field crops and fruits, but hardy opium poppies can still thrive: Two years after the Taliban banned opium, Afghan farmers turning to alternative crops are discovering that many no longer grow easily […]

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The Truth About the Afghan Economy Under the Taliban

Via International Policy Digest, a look at Afghanistan’s economy: More than two years have elapsed since the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. Since then, the Taliban have been developing a growing narrative suggesting that they are exceeding expectations in managing the economy. This narrative is misleading. The Taliban’s rule paints a picture of a fragile and unsustainable economic situation. […]

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Taliban Plan Regional Logistics / Energy Trade Hub With Russian Oil In Mind

Via The Frontier Post, a report on the Taliban’s plans to build a regional logistics / energy trade: The Taliban has agreed with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to build a logistics hub in western Afghanistan aimed at making the war-torn nation a major logistics point for regional exports, including oil from Russia to South Asia, the […]

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Taliban Put Afghanistan’s Economy Into A Tailspin, but Some Businesses Are Thriving

Via The Independent, a look at how the Taliban takeover three years ago has sent Afghanistan’s economy into a tailspin, but a few industries have escaped the pinch: SIGN UP I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from The Independent. Read our privacy policy Yunis Safi, a businessman in Kabul, knows very well […]

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