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Tourist Numbers Up In Post-War Afghanistan

Via Al Jazeera, a report on tentative growth in Afghanistan’s tourism economy, with nearly 5,200 visitors in 2023 – a 120% year-on-year increase: His soldier son toured Afghanistan with fighters in his crosshairs, but US traveller Oscar Wells has a different objective – sightseeing promoted by the Taliban’s fledgling tourism sector. Marvelling at the 15th […]

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Afghanistan Sees Pakistan Trade Route As Most Viable Despite Tensions

Via the Frontier Post, a report on Afghan-Pakistan trade: Modaser Islami, Rehmat Mehsud Afghans say access to international markets through Pakistan is still the most viable option for their landlocked country, as bilateral trade talks took place in Kabul this week to resolve obstructions amid heightened border tensions. The neighboring countries have traded blame in […]

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Al Qaeda Inc. Is Back—and Thriving—in Afghanistan

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, an article on how architects of 9/11 are profiting from gold and gem mines in the Taliban-led country: Al Qaeda is back to its old tricks in Afghanistan. Much as it did before masterminding the 9/11 attacks, the terrorist group is running militant training camps; sharing the profits of the Taliban’s […]

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Renewable Energy: Path to Afghanistan’s Economic Revival?

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at how developing water, solar and wind power could reduce Afghanistan’s import of electricity from abroad and help it emerge a regional renewable energy hub: Afghanistan’s heavy reliance on international aid — in 2021 foreign aid comprised 75 percent of its total economy — has left it in a low equilibrium […]

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The Taliban Once Smashed TVs. Now It Fosters YouTubers To Promote Its Image.

Courtesy of the Washington Post, a report on a new wave of video bloggers under the Taliban, which is seeking to shape a positive narrative about the country: The Taliban-run government is fostering a thriving community of YouTube influencers and video bloggers in Afghanistan, seeking to shape a positive narrative about the country by rewarding […]

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One Snack Company Employs Afghan Women In Midst of Taliban Crackdown

Courtesy of Fast Company, an article on how one snack company is employing Afghan women in the midst of the Taliban crackdown to bring quality dried fruits and nuts to the U.S. market: For decades, Afghanistan’s global image has been one of conflict and oppression. But the country has often-ignored attributes, including a rich history of […]

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